Plexus Holiday Party!

December 5, 2019 – We’ve blogged frequently about my participation with this wonderful organization. The holiday party is a great event, this now being my second. Plexus gives me that sense of belonging, community recently discussed. My friend Sherry was able to attend this year. While not a Plexus member (we welcome anyone and everyone), it was a great way for her to get out, feel at ease, make new friends and get all dolled up. This was my first time out in about two weeks, so I too was looking forward to the evening. Being settled in now for a year as a member, having been to many functions, knowing people there now, reshaped the experience for me. Last year, I was thrilled to get dressed for a holiday party and get out. This year, while I have many of the same feelings, I was more in tune with WHO I am interacting with, allowing me to make more of the interactions.

There really isn’t any great story. I had numerous conversations with so many people. There were many that came up to me who saw me at other events and/or venues, including the HRC Gala, the art museum, the recent Diversity Center event and many more. Many hugs and smiles were exchanged!

I spent most of my time with Sherry and really enjoyed the whole experience. If she wishes, she can share her point of view, as it was her first time with this organization. She even had an interesting encounter, but that’s not my story to tell.

My dress was a steal! It was selling, at a consignment store, for $225, so it must have been very expensive at retail. Since it had been there for so long, I picked it up at 90% off! I was very happy with my overall look. Here are a few photos from the evening. The photos taken in our home were taken by The Angel Known as My Wife. The shawl was a very last minute addition. My wife suggested one and I immediately knew which one was just right. She agreed.

Pretty damn proud of this picture.

4 thoughts on “Plexus Holiday Party!

  1. Kandi,
    It was a wonderful time and event! I look forward to many more, the people associated with this organization are amazing, accepting individuals! THANK YOU for inviting me and I love that picture of us also.


  2. Kandi, you and Sherry look fantastic at the event. The shawl absolutely makes your outfit perfect, and I love the pop of the red heels and coat. The picture of the two of you is stunning, what beautiful smiles. Hope Sherry can share her thoughts soon. ❤


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