My Coming Out – Part 2

By Dee

Coming out of the cocoon–Day 2

This is day 2 (of 4) of my first extended time out in public locally.

With my nails done (day 1), and a needed boost in my confidence from my interactions at Beauty Brand the day before, I was ready for my 2:30 makeover at Sephora. I had enjoyed my makeover the prior year in San Francisco, but I was determined to make this one more of a learning experience. 

I survived the walk from the parking garage to Sephora (dressed in the same top and skirt as the night before, but no makeup) and let the MUA, Julie, go to town. She did a color match for my foundation, explained the steps, and used a bunch of different products. I took notes, ended up with a boatload of stuff (not cheap, but definitely worth it), and looked pretty good to boot. All in all it took about an hour and a half. (Note: with the hindsight of three years, having the makeover is one of the big keys to my getting out on a regular basis. I now have the right products, techniques, tools, and most importantly confidence to do my own makeup. I’m not great at it, and I’d like to improve, but it works for me. I cannot recommend Sephora highly enough).

My next stop was Nordstrom. My contact Diamond was not there but she had arranged things with Falon, who was equally welcoming and friendly. They had a room ready for me with about fifteen dresses. After a 50 year wait, my dreams were coming true.

Some of them didn’t fit (I’ve got big shoulders), and for a couple Falon chased down larger sizes for me (where they had them). Tried them all on (fun), and narrowed it down to two choices. I decided to sleep on it and return on Wednesday to decide (if they are going to be friendly, I would double my pleasure).

It was dinner time. Falon encouraged me to have dinner and walk the mall, so I decided why not? I ate at the Nordstrom Cafe, and slowly gained confidence I could do this. 
After dinner, I walked down to the mall to Macy’s, tried another ten or so dresses on. These dresses I had to pull for myself, but I was now comfortable enough to do it. Besides, I had browsed and (occasionally) bought dresses at Macy’s before dressed as a guy, so in some ways it was less awkward (and a lot more fun) doing it dressed. I have found that Macy’s typically has not a lot of staff and multiple locations for dressing rooms, so you can try on clothes more or less unnoticed. 

After Macy’s I got even bolder and walked into Victoria’s Secret, where the SA let me try on a couple of bras (that would look good if I lose the 10 more pounds I hope to lose). I asked if they would let me try them on if in drab, and she said no (ironically, I have not been into Victoria’s Secret since).

By this time, is was getting late and the mall would be closing soon. I didn’t really want the day to end (and removing my makeup), but I had solace in the idea of two more days to come.

Allow me to jump in here. I have taken probably ten makeup classes at Sephora (all free), only one of which was for the transgendered. Me and a bunch of women. I had a blast and learned so much. Learning how to do your makeup, however you do that, is so important!

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