I kinda like this one, so here we go again!

I have been told that I am an inspiration for my volunteer activities.  While I always appreciate the complement, the truth of the matter is there is no other way to have the fun I have on my budget.  We are by no means poor, but having weathered some difficulties and having put our daughters through a combined ten years of college, leaving them with no college debt (best investment ever), I have to manage my Kandi budget.  

Many others have much more resources than I do, so they can afford to shop for actual new clothes, have makeovers, photo shoots, travel and attend group gatherings.  In our social media world I look like a pauper.  I’ve read blogs by some of the more popular ladies out there, you know who they are, who do nothing but shop, travel to Vegas and the big CD events, always look like a million dollars because they have access to the best makeup artists and photographers.  Their pictures make them look like super models and they are.  But this is not reality!  Yes, they are very fortunate, but really how many us of out there can do this?  As I tell our daughters, don’t get sucked into the fantasy of what people post. The truth is something completely different.  [Editorial comment: Facebook is a root of the problems in our country.  We live in a Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, look-at-me society.  Okay grandpa, enough, I get it.]

Life in Kandi’s Land is about reality.  I am part of the 95% of you that aren’t knee deep in dough.  In order to fully realize what I want to do, I have become sort of the MacGyver of CDs.

What does a CD want?  Clothes, a wardrobe.  I have figured out how do acquire quite a deep and stylish wardrobe for pennies on the dollar.  I’ve talked about this frequently, if one is determined, you can find very high quality clothing at thrifts and consignment stores.

Acceptance.  Part of my mantra, be smart, has placed me in situations that practically insure acceptance.  Theaters.  Art museums.  Charity events.

Fun!  I have quite a bit of that.  Read my posts.  See what I have experienced.  Walk a mile in my pumps!  It’s really not that difficult.  Observe how women act.  Know your community/town.  Find those places.  Cloak yourself in anonymity when making initial contact by using email or making a call, where you cannot be seen.

Being a girl.  I have had many ultra-feminine experiences simply because I open my mouth.  I’ve had bra fittings (in both male and female modes).  I’ve had bridal fittings, quite a few.  I’ve been in the ladies room, been in dressing rooms, been zipped up by an SA, fawned over jewelry, I could go on and on.  This is not rocket science, I am not curing cancer, I am simply thinking it through, knowing how people react and view the world.

So, sit back and watch your CD MacGyver go about enjoying her life.

4 thoughts on “MacGyver

  1. I like the concept of you being a CD MacGyver. You are out and about and exist both above and below the radar at the same time and you make do with what you have available at any given time. You seem to have a knack for situational awareness that carries you forward.
    Good job, MacGyver.


  2. I fully get the clothing budget thing, especially since becoming single.
    I can’t buy a lot of clothes and I don’t go crazy on makeup either.
    Being genderfluid does make it a little easier but not always

    Kandi I feel you have mastered a lot when it comes to being a CD
    You could teach a class


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