Representing The CLE!

November 22, 2019 – This was the last time out for almost two weeks and I made the best of it! This was my second time volunteering for Destination Cleveland, acting in the capacity as an ambassador for our wonderful city. I served as a wayfinder for a nurses convention. Not much of a story here, we smiled, welcomed our visitors and pointed the way from their adjacent hotel to the convention center ballroom for their lunch. Plenty of smiles and a feel good afternoon.

While there I made two new friendships. One of which lives in my development and I will be seeing often, I believe. She in retired and involved in playing pickleball. I am always looking for something to compete in and have always wanted to play this game. So we’ll see where this all takes me. This is another scenario where Kandi and me become one and the same and no one cares that on occasion, I dress as a woman. Pretty cool!

Afterward, I picked up my race package for my final half marathon of the year, on my way home. Me, picking up my male race stuff, dressed as you see below, no one caring a bit.

Here is a little photographic summary of my day as I picked up my volunteer t-shirt on site.

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