Keep it simple, stupid!

November 17, 2019 – A very simple day, a very simple outfit. Nothing fancy, just simple, easy, joyful, happy. This day was drenched in sunshine, but cold. I went to Sunday services. Let’s start with the outfit. A pretty sweater over an LBD, basic jewelry, modest makeup, comfortable, unassuming shoes.

After the Mrs. headed to work, I took my time and got dressed. Being about an hour early, I headed to church and stopped for coffee along the way. The coffee shop was crowded, no one paid me any particular attention. The woman working the counter complemented me on my nail color (pearl white). I do love specific complements!

I sat and enjoyed my coffee and read a bit. Then it was off the church where I hadn’t been in a month or so. I believe I was missed!

I got quite a few complements on my outfit (I adore this coat!) and smile after smile with plenty of hugs thrown in. I must have logged at least 15 hugs in an hour or so. Many of my friends were there, both from this church and those that migrated from my previous church. In addition, making the morning more special, our pastor from the previous church and his wonderful wife were there as well! I always enjoy the normalcy with which I am treated. I argued Clowns football with a friend, talked running with the pastor’s wife (a runner, as well) and caught up with many more.

A couple of hours in a simple and pretty outfit. A great way to start my day before heading home, ripping off a great run and making a terrific dinner for the angel known as my wife. Life is good indeed!

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