Fun at the Theater!

November 9, 2019 – As you may know, one of my charities that I work for is Mercury Theatre Company. There I have been blessed to make so many friendships. One such friendship is with a young man who is making his way in the performing arts. He is a co-producer of occasional shows held in a small cabaret theater in Playhouse Square. I try to support him as often as I am able and this evening was one of those. I went casual this evening, with a lovely sweater and slacks.

This evening was full of moments. I’ve probably been to Playhouse Square dressed maybe six times. I always park in the same garage. Now, I hadn’t been there in well over a year. I pull into the line of cars entering the garage to pay and the attendant greets me with a big smile and said he hadn’t seen me in a while. That made me very happy to have been remembered fondly.

I then enjoyed my dinner sitting at a crowded bar in a lovely Italian restaurant across the street from the theaters, my go to restaurant when visiting the theater. I was treated very well by the bartenders (yeah, I know, they want tips), which was very nice. Then I head over to the will call window to pick up my ticket when the young lady there smiled and said she knew me from Pandemonium! She even told me (again) how much she liked my dress that evening. Wow!

The show itself was great! I was able to sit with two friends from Mercury, so that made the evening that much better. We were given a front row table. I very much enjoyed myself all evening. Here I am with my friend who produced the show and my favorite fellow usher from Mercury. A wonderful way to spend my evening.

After the show I found out Nathan just accepted a position as the Director of Marketing for a local symphony. Congratulations my friend, you will do well!

One of the performers in the show was this lovely young lady to whom I was quite taken with. She and I obviously have some things in common, but she was so pretty, full of personality, just a delightful human being. Her dresses for the show were beautiful and she wore them so well. Oh to be young and pretty…..

While waiting for some of the cast, as I joined them for a nighcap, in the lobby of the theater, a friend from my church came up to me. We talked a bit and again, I run into someone I know when out and about. As I walked out, yet again, I ran into a friend from the chorus. In one general area, I ran into so many people who knew me and made sure they said hello to me (since I probably would have missed or not remembered them because my memory isn’t what it used to be).

Not a bad way to go!

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