Taking A Meeting

November 8, 2019 – I have been asked to join the board of one of my charities. Before doing so, I wanted to meet with the board president to make sure I understand what would be expected, what it would involve and that I would be an acceptable fit for the organization. We met for coffee for an hour, having a delightful conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed. Really that was the extent of the story here. It’s taking time, but I am slowly building a network of contacts that may get me where I want to be.

To kill a half hour beforehand, I poked around a thrift store, keeping my money in my purse, but enjoying browsing.

The day was very cold, with light snow on and off all morning, so I went very casual for the meeting. I got ready early, so I played around with a few different photo angles. So here we are in my favorite skinny jeans, a cute top and boots I love.

2 thoughts on “Taking A Meeting

  1. I love this, it sounds like a promising opportunity.
    I think that would be great to be yourself in such a setting

    Love the casual look too


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