200,000+ Hits!

Pardon me while I pat myself on the back. Take a look at the column to the right and you will see we are now up over 200,000 hits. I am amazed that my reader has been able to click on the blog that often :)! This past Saturday we got up over the hump.

Many readers have already noticed this milestone before I even tooted my own horn…..

My sincere thanks to my more vocal regulars, those regulars that read every day, those that I have been blessed to meet and anyone else who is a part of our sorority or an ally.

Thank you to those that have contributed posts, even if it were only one. Thank you to those that have emailed me privately. Kandi and Kandi’s Land have given me purpose. It’s been truly amazing for me.

Spread the word on this place to a friend. Tell me your story. Let’s keep it going…….

Okay, back to our regular programming! I have a run of fun event posts upcoming as we lead into my favorite holiday next week.

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