Seven Days of Dee – Day Seven

Day 7, Thursday–Full Circle

I woke up to find a delightful email from Valerie, the White House Black Market sales angel from the day before (I had sent her a thank you email, with pictures of me and the green dress). Valerie wrote lots of nice things and reviving fond memories of the day before (and an offer of a tasty cocktail should Dee ever make a return visit to Chicago).

With a six hour drive ahead of me, and a bit shopped out from the day before, I took it easy and drove to the Nordstrom at Old Orchard Mall, I decided my new green dress was asking me to wear it, along with some polka dot black hose and my black cover.

I tried on a few Ted Baker dresses (always fun to do, even if out of my price range), and a few others, but I was mostly killing time. I changed into my Ted Baker top and Spanx leggings in the change room (I carried them into the store in a bag) to be more comfortable during the drive, and went to lunch.

While at lunch I realized I had left something at my hotel, so I bit the bullet and returned in Dee mode to the front desk to go to my former room and retrieve it (I checked out as a guy, got dressed, and no one was at the desk when I departed the first time). Oh well, sometimes you just have to own it (and it wasn’t a problem).

Michelle and I had made arrangements for drinks upon my return, and a chance to meet her boyfriend (he wanted to meet me too). I changed into my new favorite dress, I loaned my new green dress to Michelle (she loved it, and damned if she didn’t look at lot better in it than I did), so the three of us headed to a local restaurant for margaritas, nachos, talk, and fun. Our waitress said she loved my new dress too (can’t wait until I have a chance to wear it again).

It was a great end to my seven days out. Can’t wait for my next time out.

One more bonus post next week!

One thought on “Seven Days of Dee – Day Seven

  1. The green dress is a winner. I am glad you had this week to stretch the envelope. It seems that whenever you have an encounter with a civilian the world becomes a better place for all.


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