Shopping With a Friend – Part 2

By Tina Davis

November 1 – After I got my daughter off to her job, I opened my packages that my friend had held for me. The first box held a roomy handbag (they called it a satchel), a gold link bracelet, a little black dress, and a pair of white faux-leather pants. Unfortunately, the pants that I received were a size small instead of the large I had ordered. The slip said “large”, the bag containing the pants said “large”, but the pants themselves were labeled “small”. No way I could get them past my hips, even without any padding. Since I had not picked up the order from my friend for a couple of months, the return period had expired, and since I got them for almost nothing, I simply added them to my donation bag and a much smaller woman will be very happy with them.

The LBD looks very nice with a slight bell sleeve and an A-line skirt, but it is somewhat wrinkled, so I have hung it after taking pictures to hopefully smooth it out. I love the handbag and the bracelet, they are perfect accessories for many outfits. I opened the second package for the two dresses from Venus, my first order from them. This dress had caught my eye many times, but when I saw the sale for less than half the original price, plus I was getting free shipping, I ordered the same style dress in pink and navy blue. I put on the pink dress, added my gold accessories and the handbag, and I was ready for a day in the office – even though it was my home office!

At lunchtime, I had to go to the grocery store, so I thought about what I could do. I wasn’t going to wear the pink dress and heels to the store. but I didn’t want to take off my makeup either. So I put on this cold shoulder baby blue top and my skinny jeans, changed into black flats, and simply walked out my door and drove myself to the store. I pushed my cart down the aisles, got some lunch meat at the deli (didn’t care that the deli cutter realized I was male), and checked out with a cashier, who said “Have a good day, ma’am” as I left with my recyclable bag of items. Since the temperature in Massachusetts had changed from the previous night’s warmth to colder, windier conditions, I wore my women’s black trench coat as seen here. After I got home, I put my heels back on for more pictures.

While I did actually get my work done, the day ended far too soon, as I had to get ready for an evening event where I was the emcee. So the new dresses and accessories were put away, the male me reappeared, and I had an enjoyable evening and dinner. One more day of dressing awaited me on Saturday, where I would meet my friend and her wife for more shopping after I had my nails done. That day was the most wonderful I have experienced in a long time!

To be continued…

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