Shopping With a Friend – Part 1

By Tina Davis

I have had a fantastic few days dressed while my wife has been away. I took her to the airport on Thursday afternoon (Halloween!), then came home to get out my wardrobe. I was meeting my CD friend at a local shopping plaza (with Dress Barn, Ulta, and Nordstrom Rack in a single row – heaven!). I put on a gray-and-black illusion dress – the black is supposed to make your waist look smaller – with black tights and my Fergalicious heeled booties. I did my makeup, put on my new wig (!), and slogged through the late afternoon traffic to get to the plaza. Silly me, I didn’t take a picture of that dress.

However, we went into Dress Barn, were greeted warmly by the SAs (I overheard one say she loved my coat, and my friend’s boots were complimented too), and I attacked the racks to find possible dresses to try on. I ended up with two that the SA took to the fitting room for me. The first one, pictured here, was a fit-and-flare sweater dress in Medium (I wanted a snug fit). I loved it, but my plan was not to buy anything that day as I had to keep my budget open for Saturday’s adventures. The second dress was a ladder-sleeve party dress (the strips of the dress across the arms had crystals on them) – again, we didn’t get a picture, but the SA loved the way it looked on me. We were chatting about possible events for wearing it, as well as the fact that she had on a knee brace and our similar leg issues. Of course, I did not tell her that my accident was in male mode.

I thanked her so much for her help, and then my friend and I went to Nordstrom Rack. Again, I found an armful of dresses and confidently walked into the fitting rooms. The pink Trina Turk and the blue Eliza J dresses were okay, but the flutters on the shoulder made mine look a little bit wide. I liked the Vince Camuto leopard dress with the black sides (again, a slimming effect), but my friend and I agreed that the red Calvin Klein was the best. Again, no purchases were made, but I sure had a lot of fun.

I would have continued, but the time was late and both of us needed to get home, so I took the packages that my friend had been holding for me, went to a secluded business parking lot, and transformed back into my male self to head home.  I had two more days of dressing ahead of me, and I was excited to try on the new clothes and accessories I had bought.

To be continued…

I am certainly happy Tina was able to get out and be happy and appreciate the post. We’re here to share….

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