More of Linda’s Observations

These are not really questions, but gave me pause for thought.

You like to present as the best female appearance you can, it takes time.  You don’t want to let anyone down although not everyone else feels the same.  You strive to be the best in everything you do with your family who come well before being Kandi with running in between, lol.  Living up to such excellence is not easy.   We go through life collecting scars which stay.

I’m not sure there is any excellence going on here. I have achieved a high level of mediocrity. Regarding my presentation, I do take great pride in it. I think I do look nice and I KNOW it works for going out with ease. We all have families in one form or another and we all want the best for them. My running has become special to me. It’s only a recent ability (in the past five years) and I am really very good at it. I’ve never been this good at anything in my life. So it keeps me healthy, it feed my competitive spirit and it gives me a tangible feeling of accomplishment. My time is my time, my placement is my placement, all black and white. Nothing subjective about it.

You mention that I don;t want to let anyone down. In my regular life, that is certainly true. In my Kandi life, I really don’t worry about that per se. I do what I do 100% for me in terms of my presentation, the time given when dressed is both a benefit to the recipient and nothing more than something to do.

Posting to a blog everyday is very trying.  Stana and Joanna have stepped off the treadmill to varying extents.  If running a blog is not fun, do you need to do it?  There is no obligation, your readers will read others or could start one of their own.  Life is often not a bed of roses although there is usually a fragrant bloom in which to delight and you certainly find them.  I hope there is some food for thought above from just what came to mind.

I certainly would not say this blog is not fun. It is great fun, but it is work. I do it because I do get tremendous feedback and it actually means something to some of my readers. I have indeed made a difference. That gets back to that feeling of accomplishment. Plus, we all need affirmation (especially as it relates to the topic here). I get that here. I have also, I believe, honed my writing skills with the blog. What good is that? Well, you have a point there, but I still dare to dream that someday I can use those skills, somehow.

Do I think I’ll keep doing a daily blog out into the future? Probably not, but I am able to right now so we’ll keep going. In the future, I could see going to a weekly summary of activities and thoughts, but am not there yet. I’ve stated before, an outing isn’t real until I put in down in writing and select those pictures that always bring it back for me.

So Linda, as always I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you my friend.

Tomorrow’s post is about what may have been one of my most favorite outings to date!

2 thoughts on “More of Linda’s Observations

  1. Linda made some astute observations and your responses were spot on in all regards. Of course, the blog is work and the pay…nothing to speak of. There is an effort involved in dressing and like writing the blog the rewards are not quantifiable. Many of us still get tongue tied when asked the “why do we dress” questions. My response is that “If I have to explain it…I can’t.”


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