Breast Cancer Fundraiser

October 10, 2019 – I posted a few months back about a wine tasting for the JD Breast Cancer Foundation. That was my first exposure with the group and I was made to feel so welcome. I was asked to join the board and participate as a model in a fashion show. Neither have happened just yet, but allow me to explain.

The models in the fashion show are cancer survivors, which is why there was no follow up (it was the wine talking that evening). I spent quite a bit of time with the woman putting on the fashion show (as I had at the previous event) and she asked me to help, but she only gave me three days notice and unfortunately I am booked that day :(. And again, I was asked to join the board and again, I said I’d be honored. And again, we’ll see if there is any follow through.

I was told to dress casually, so here we go. My most favorite skinny jeans, a cute white jacket and killer shoes I recently picked up. Me at my casual best!

A day of utter comfort (except those heavy, but pretty, earrings which created residual problems on a few subsequent outings). On my way to the event, I picked up my race bib for an upcoming half marathon, the fact that a female picked up the bib for a male was a nonissue. I do this all the time. Then I was asked to pick up some donations from a spa for the event on my way in. Little did I know, the donations were for the volunteers (just me and another woman). I was given a gift certificate for a complete facial. I have to say, that one choked me up a bit……

My fellow volunteer and I sold raffle and 50/50 tickets throughout the night. I wish I could articulate the complete acceptance I received. Remember, this was not an LGBT-related function. What struck me most were the men that treated me as just a cool person, male, female, who cares? I joked and chatted with those that bought tickets from me. I walked around dispensing hugs and giant smiles. I was bought drinks, I had a great meal (Octoberfest themed). I saw people I hadn’t seen since the wine tasting. I saw people I knew from other events or places. I met new people. I had girl talk. I had guy talk. I laughed and cried. I met truly inspirational people.

One such inspirational person I met is the gentleman who founded One Million Acts of Kindness. I would encourage you to at least check out his website: What an admirable person!

Early in the evening I was honored to take a photo with the brainpower behind organizing this event. I have worked with these folks at other charities and am lucky to be able to contribute whenever I am able. Great people!

When you go to events like this and hear the stories and meet the people who have real problems, it makes the bumps in the road for me seem inconsequential. I am truly fortunate for every thing I have and every one in my life.

This was day one of ten outstanding outfits in nine (nonconsecutive) days in October.

8 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Fundraiser

  1. Doing good deeds and volunteering your time and energy to good causes has its own set of rewards. You can tell the premiums are paid with the smiles in the photos.


  2. Kandi, those shoes are so cute, I want them!! And I’ll echo Pat’s comment that your reward for all of this is so heart-warming and affirming. The next rewards will be coming soon, I fully believe that. Enjoy the facial!


  3. Kandi,

    Loved the BLOG and the Story of people full of love and support. Am sure you earned all the hugs and smiles.

    Good for you Girl, Keep it up.

    Marie Anne Greene


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