A Call To Action

By Sherry Greer

It has been some time since I have written anything for Kandi’s blog. My absence does not indicate my lack of my effort to be me. I have been out since my “Sherry’s Voice” miniseries. You might recall I ended my final session finding a third reason to name my experiences “Sherry’s Voice”. A direct quote from that passage stated “My dressing is like an addictive drug, it seems the more I dress, the more I want to dress. I hear my inner “voice” calling out and don’t know if I want or can listen to it”. Rachael L. made a comment that really hit home with me. Her comment questioned whether my dressing was really more than that and really leading to something more permanent.

Obviously, based on my “inner voice” I had the same thought. So…my call to action was to find a gender specialist to help me (and my wife) work through my journey. Thus far, my wife and I have had two sessions and I have gone once as Sherry. There have been bumps in the road, tears of sorrow, arguing, tears of joy and love, etc. We have worked through some of the issues and still have more to work through. I wanted these sessions to be with my wife because “we” need to work through this as well as “I” need to work through this. I really enjoyed the Sherry session because it was more relaxed and I talked about me and the confidence that I have gained throughout my journey thus far. It was the first time I wore a dress with my legs shaved, what a feeling! I really enjoy talking with the therapist, it has truly helped me. If you live in the Cleveland area her name is Ellen Hoffman and her office is on Cedar Rd in Cleveland Hts. If you need help, she can help you. I look forward to meeting with her in the future.

Changing directions a bit you might recall Kandi talking about her and I going shopping at one of her favorite consignment stores. It was a blast, Dee, one of the ladies at the store, had me trying on at least 15 different garments! I picked out two pencil skirts I liked and she took it from there. So, so much fun! Kandi, thanks for always being there. [Who me?] You might also recall me telling another co-worker about Sherry.

On Friday, October 4th she and I went out. A few days prior I was looking for things of interest and came across a fashion show. I actually emailed the designer asking if she needed models or volunteers of any kind. She said she didn’t but would keep me posted for next time. In preparation for the evening I got my nails done at a salon and makeup done at Ulta to match my olive dress. The show was great and I even got to introduce myself to the designer, hopefully she will keep me in mind for next time! After the show we were both hungry so we went to a local restaurant for a couple of glasses of wine and pizza.

Our final stop of the night was at a local drag show! It was hosted by Veranda L’Ni, the tallest queen in Cleveland. The ladies were wonderful and it was a great ending to a fabulous evening. Throughout the evening my attire was a non-issue.

Hope you like the pics. More to come…Stay beautiful-Sherry

Thank you my friend! I have to admit, Sherry helps me feel “normal”. We are sort of cut from the same cloth. Plus she is local to me (very local). While our circumstances differ on a number of levels, I still need that reassurance (in the real world) that I am not the only one who derives such happiness from all of this. I could and will keep going and pushing the envelope, but will always have that little WTF voice in the back of my head. It gets smaller and smaller, but I know it will never go away completely. I sure wish I had a photographer following me around like this, then maybe I’d get a decent picture! These are great!!

7 thoughts on “A Call To Action

  1. Shelley & Kandi,

    Great story of persistence, patience and progress. Wonderful to see the effort was a joint endeavor Wife and Sherry. Suggest anyone in the Cleveland area take advantage of Sherry’s councilor. My thanks to Kandi for assisting in telling this story.

    Marie Anne Greene


  2. Marie,
    We can’t do this alone so we all need help! Wherever this leads I hope my wife can be there for me/us, she means everything to me!
    Stay beautiful-Sherry


  3. A very nice story and going to your sessions with the wife is so spot on.
    I never did this about my gender expression before my divorce so I’m glad you are doing this.
    Thank you for the mention I just try to help where I can.
    You look lovely and it’s so great you can see Kandi now and again
    I’m jealous lol.
    I may be beginning a new and possibly exciting season in my life so good luck going forward


  4. Sherry, you look fabulous in the olive dress – I love those heels! And your co-worker is lovely, it’s such a warm feeling of acceptance to see the photos from the fashion show.

    Good to hear about your progress in the sessions with your wife. It’s a major step forward for both of you, make sure that each day is the best you can make it for her (and you too!). Sending hugs to you. ❤


  5. You look great in that dress and the heels are perfect.
    Good luck with the counselor and take things slow for your benefit and for the good of your wonderful wife.


  6. Rachael, Tina, and Pat,
    Thank you for the kind words, that entire day just felt “right”! I hope you all can relate to that, it was a wonderful feeling. I believe the designer will contact me in the future, fingers crossed! I believe in and want my marriage to continue so I hope the progress with my wife continues in a positive direction. I’m meeting Kandi tomorrow at an art show and who knows after, it is wonderful that I have all of you plus a couple of cisgender ladies as a support network! 😘 Stay beautiful-Sherry

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