Truly Blessed

October 4, 2019 – Mother Nature threw me another curve as it relates to my planned outfit for the day. Like the other day when 90 degree temperatures forced a last minute change to a cooler outfit, on this day, much cooler temps forced me into a last minute warmer outfit. I borrowed the skirt from my wife (I love the thing) and did myself up in my favorite color scheme, red and black. Tights were worn for both the fashion statement they often make and to keep this old gal warm!

The outfit speaks for itself! This was the first time I was able to wear this cute coat I picked up at the end of the season last year.

My first stop was lunch with my friend Heidi. Heidi was the associate pastor at my old church and moved on to her own congregation a few years back. We have touched base a few times since. She apparently was talking to one of her congregation who was telling her about this person she met at a chorus concert (me, of course). She even had a picture with me (I am sort of a mascot in that way). That sparked Heidi to reach out and I was delighted to get together! More delightful was our conversation, sitting at the bar in a busy restaurant. It was just a real conversation, about real issues and our lives. Just a wonderful way to spend an hour and a half! So here we are (I am the giant seated on the left of the picture). You cannot buy smiles like that!!

Thank you Heidi!

My initial plans went awry again! I was going to meet my friend Carrie, who is also involved with the chorus, for Happy Hour after lunch, but she had car issues in Columbus. Thankfully, she only suffered inconvenience and wasn’t stranded or in any jeopardy. We’ll reschedule soon.

So I had a few unexpected hours to kill and a few Victoria Secret coupons, so I did a little shopping. There really is nothing quite like really shopping, working with an SA, discussing size and fit considerations, styles and colors, being treated like any other customer. I’ve done this many times before, but it is always a special experience. I still stand in that fitting room, clothes in a pile, checking myself out in the mirror, completely at ease and wonder how this all became possible.

Time to head to the art museum for my volunteer activities that evening.

MIX: Anatomy! Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo was a master painter, sculptor, and architect. Drawing was at the heart of his creative process, and he had a lifelong interest in anatomy. The evening featured figure drawing, gallery talks, guest artist displays, and soundscapes by Mick Batyske, who has deejayed private events for the likes of Jay-Z, Michelle Obama, Sotheby’s, Vanity Fair, and MTV.  I hadn’t been there in about two months and was so happy to see Liz, our fearless leader, the CMA volunteer coordinator. Just another angel in my life.

I was teamed up with two of my friends from previous times, June and Carol. We had a great time, worked well together and I must say, I probably set an all-time new complement record! It was beyond humbling. Since I had a race the following morning, I headed home after my shift, but not without being grabbed for two dances with people I either knew or just met. If I actually could dance and wasn’t tired from well over ten hours out, I could have danced all night…..

Here is my crew:

As I get older and have a great deal of mental free time (remember my job can be performed by a monkey, if he were able to get a drivers license), I get more and more reflective. I “get” what life is really all about. But that only comes with experience and the lumps we take along the road. People. Loving, trusting, caring, accepting, kind people. I cannot get enough of them and today was a day very full of all of that. From the love I get at home, to the love of our children, to my friends, those I see frequently and rarely, from those like Heidi, Carrie, June, Carol and Liz and the many others I smile at along the way. I am not giving up the happiness I earned, I fought for, I deserve. I am indeed truly blessed.

6 thoughts on “Truly Blessed

  1. Kandi, the tights and red heels are perfect with the borrowed skirt. I agree that those smiles in your pictures with Heidi and your crew are priceless. Most importantly, your ability to adapt to changes in your plans is admirable – many others would fall apart when a meetup doesn’t happen.


  2. In my view this was one of your best outfits. The plaid skirt is perfect with the hose and heels and the top and jack finish the look.
    I always like your tales of spreading joy, smiles and hugs to the civilian population.


  3. I agree with Pat the outfit is perfect and I just wish I could do heels but truly have no place where I can wear any that would be appropriate as you say as to not stand out.
    Thanks for another great adventure


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