Seven Days of Dee – Day Two

Day Two, Saturday–Rain, Shopping, and Dinner

Saturday started with my coaching responsibilities (I’m a volunteer at a high school, coaching an individual sport). Unfortunately, about an hour into the day the skies opened up and cancelled the rest of the day. So back to the hotel and after lunch I got dressed and headed out. I like going to stores and trying things on, see what works, and what doesn’t. I can (and do) spend hours trying on clothes and shoes, making up for all the years I didn’t have the courage to go out. I decided to wear a top I bought at a consignment shop in Cleveland while shopping with Kandi, paired with my black skinny jeans. I prefer dresses, but sometimes it’s easier to wear outfits that blend in better with what women actually wear these days.

I started with a thrift store (nothing), Plato’s Closet (tried stuff on, but no winners), then a consignment shop that was next door to Plato’s Closet, where I bought a pair of comfy shoes, which came in handy while walking all over Chicago. I have a $10 coupon for Designer Shoe Warehouse, so that was the next stop, but they tend not to have many shoes in my size (11 wide). My last shopping stop was Dress Barn. As Dress Barn is going out of business at the end of the year, they are offering discounts on some of their inventory. I ended up buying an Ann Taylor dress for $15 and an Ann Taylor top for $10. There were a couple of Calvin Klein dresses that looked great, but they were above my desired price range. I decided I will just need to check back into Dress Barn from time to time going forward and hope they end up in the 40% discount pile.

It started to rain again and it was time for dinner, so I stopped at a nearby Sports Bar/Pizza Joint for pizza and to watch my alma mater play a night football game (as usual, they lost). Usually I sit at a table while in Dee mode, but I decided to take a page out of the Kandi play book and proudly sat at the bar for my drink and dinner.

I hope her reading this helps Dee relive the special moments she had on this seven day adventure!

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