Best Laid Plans

By My Friend, Cassidy

My friend of 14 years and former makeover/transformation artist asked me to take some things from storage and then bring them with her help to her mom’s house. I agreed however it would be a long day as her deceased mom’s house would be in excess of three hours one way. On the surface this wouldn’t be that difficult but not all things go according to plan.

We agreed on a date to do this which would be a Wednesday. She had already contacted the storage facility to allow us access. Everything was set. Well almost everything. I made an appointment to have my truck serviced the Monday before the anticipated trip. More work had to be performed than I or the dealership had expected. I agreed to the work but stipulated I needed the truck Tuesday evening in anticipation of the Wednesday work day.

Tuesday evening I pick up the truck. I travel less than two miles and discover the distinctive odor of burning brakes. I double back to the dealership and sure enough one of the rear calipers had locked up. No they didn’t have one in stock and no it wouldn’t be ready first thing Wednesday so good enough the dealer comps a rental vehicle, yes a truck, for me to use. Damn 2019 Ram 1500 four door pick up. When compared to my GMC work truck special it was gigantic. It took ten minutes to figure out how to turn on the radio for goodness sake.

Wednesday morning I drive over to my friend’s apartment to learn the storage facility manager would not allow access until after 1:00 pm. The whole idea of the early arrival was to get it all done within a reasonable amount of time and not make it a stay over or a wee hour of the morning situation. My suggestion was to do it the next day if she was willing and the storage facility manager would offer some kind of assurance of an early in the day pick up. Additionally all of the contractors that were to have met us on Wednesday had to be notified of the day and date change and hopefully they would be available.

As I mentioned my friend was a makeover/transformation artist. Whenever I would drop by to visit or help her with certain tasks which were many as some involved closing down a business I would do it dressed. The plan was to load the truck at the storage facility, add additional items to it at her apartment I would then change and then leave to drive out to her mom’s house. Not a big deal for me to drive dressed as I’ve done it a number of times in the past. Also not a big deal for me to ride the elevator or walk through the lobby of the building dressed.

With new plans made, she suggested I change and then we spend some time chatting and discussing additional tasks that may be needed to be done post trip out to her mom’s. We also discussed the projects to be performed by the trade’s people that would be on site when we would arrive.

After I changed into the outfit pictured here I asked if we could go to the nearby botanical gardens to possibly take a few pictures. She agreed however she did say ‘…you are not going out looking like that…’  With that said off came the wig for a brushing and a bit of styling, powder, blush, two shades of lip stick, dangling earrings and a loose choker necklace. On went the wig and off we went.

We spent, for me, a glorious two hours walking the foot paths looking for places to take pictures. We even managed to take some pictures at the nearby train station. Along the way we encountered joggers, walkers, maintenance people and others sitting on benches enjoying the early autumn day.

Thursday morning I arrive at her apartment to pick her up. We then head over to the storage area, load up there then load up at her apartment. I once again changed. Since I would be spending the day in the truck with her and time was limited there would be no quick make up and jewelry just my wig.

We head out and about an hour into the trip a driver in another vehicle signals me that the cargo was moving about in the bed of my truck. We pull off to the side of the road to see what’s what. There I am with the skirt of the dress blowing in the wind wake created by passing trucks and cars, my wig blowing in the wind almost to the point of blowing off my head. I re-adjust all of the tie downs and re-adjusting some of the boxes and adding additional tie downs. With the load secured we headed off once again. Ladies, there is a trick to jumping in and out of the cab of a pickup truck while wearing a dress and heels. When I learn it I will surely pass it along.

Without further incident we arrive at our destination, I change and then unload the truck while my friend negotiates with and instructs the trade’s men. When all was said and done my friend asks me if I am going to change for the drive back to her apartment. I decline saying I had enough fun today.

All kidding aside it was a fun couple of days. I guess my facial expressions give that away.


One thought on “Best Laid Plans

  1. While your best laid plans may have been thwarted and the errand was a lot of work and disruption you still had a good day en femme. Similar to the old bumper sticker that read “A bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office”.


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