Destination Cleveland

September 18, 2019 – Coming off the huge relief associated with recent personal issues, I had volunteered for my first such gig for Destination Cleveland, the entity that promotes and welcomes those to our fair city. We have a large volunteer component to it. In recent and coming years, we have hosted or will be hosting the Republican National Convention, the Major League All-Star Game, the Gay Games, the NBA All-Star Game, the NCAA Women’s Final Four, NCAA March Madness, NCAA Wrestling Championships and the NFL Draft.

A large software conference was in town and I signed up as a way finder from a hotel to an event at the Rock Hall. We had to wear volunteer t-shirts, so my out-the-door outfit was assembled knowing I’d be pulling a t-shirt over it later on. I went everyday casual and could not have been more comfortable.

I wish I had a great tale to spin. I went to the bank. Then I went to Target as I am still looking for an end of season sale bikini. I tried on a bunch of different options, nothing good. I must say, just to do considered shopping and then take my time in the fitting room…..priceless!

I headed downtown and reported for work to get my event t-shirt. I changed in the ladies room and headed out to grab my dinner. I found a new Happy Hour to me and greatly enjoyed my bargain meal.

Then I reported to the Drury hotel, where I basically coordinated the buses from the hotel to the event they were having at the Rock Hall. I was only there about an hour and a half, but had many nice conversations, got a bunch of smiles, a few complements and enjoyed talking to the doll working the front desk. She was kind enough to indulge me and take a few pictures on the job.

So this is me “manning” my position!

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