Sunday Adventures

September 15, 2019 – The Angel Known as My Wife had to work on this day, the Browns (interesting still until they crap the bed again) play on Monday night and all my work around the house was done. I volunteered to bar tend at Weathervane Playhouse for their matinee performance of The Who’s Tommy. So I built a day around it.

Let’s talk first about my outfit. You know how I preach appropriateness? This is it. The perfect outfit. Classy, age appropriate, stylish, well coordinated, perfect for my day, comfortable, what a 58 year old woman should look like. Here is it:

I received complements on my necklace, bracelets, the outfit overall, it was just a lovely afternoon for me.

My very first volunteer gig was with the Salvation Army, working for a woman who had become a friend. She is now the pastor at a church (don’t ask me the denomination, I have no clue) near Weathervane (both are in the Akron area), so I attended her Sunday morning service. There isn’t a large congregation. I had only been there once before, probably about six months ago. Well, I was remembered by a few folks. For me it was a peaceful hour, well spent, seated with my legs crossed, listening and being. Just being. Nice.

Then I went to a local diner featuring what I can only describe as “health” foods. The place was packed with a 30 minute wait. They had what was termed a community table, so I sat there between two men, a couple of young women and an older couple. Enjoyed my coffee and bowl of fresh fruit and some type of quinoa pudding (it was great!) for about 45 minutes, again just relaxed amid all the activity, just being.

I then ran a few errands and headed over to the theater. I hadn’t been there in a while, so said some hellos and got my bar set up. As I said above they were doing The Who’s Tommy, so I enjoyed the sound of the songs while I did my job. During the first act, I sat with the house manager and two ushers, all women and we talked. One of the ladies is an artist and she showed me pictures of some of her work on her phone, just two ladies talking. Again just being…. A splendid afternoon!

Last stop on my way home was to pick up a favorite pizza for dinner. My wife’s favorite pizza is no closer to us than 20 miles, but was on my way home from the theater, so I was happy to get it and make her happy. So let’s see, I was in a church, a diner, a gas station, a Walgreens, a theater and a pizza place. Nope, nobody did anything to me but smile! A nice day and an appreciated one at that!

Now what can I get you?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Adventures

  1. I wish I could have been there. I am a huge Tommy fan. I wore out two double albums, stretched at least two cassette tapes and finally got the rock opera on CD. We saw a local musician put on a great version of Tommy with a cast of about 20 musicians and singers earlier this month. They did a wonderful job and I still think I hear the overture as a perpetual ear worm. I like The Who but Tommy is special to me. Townsend and Entwhistle…genius or insane???


    1. I have worked countless times at Weathervane and have yet to see a single second of the performances, including Tommy. I don’t like seeing only part of a performance and since I have responsibilities when there, I generally don’t watch the shows. I certainly like The Who (Eminence Front and Who Are You are all-timers for me), but don’t love them. In my recent concert run of the greats The Who came to town and I passed.


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