Pandemonium Redux!

September 7, 2019 – Show time! Take a risk with my outfit. Just let it all go! I would only wear this dress for this event. It’s me, but not me. This year: Pandemonium 2019: Alchemy.

Cleveland Public Theater’s annual fundraising extravaganza transforms the CPT campus into a labyrinth of theater, dance, visual, and performance art in every corner. We raise about $350,000 for the theater, which is intimately involved with our creative community.

Tickets are all-inclusive, featuring fabulous local food, free valet, and complimentary drinks served all night long. A feast for the eyes, mind, appetite, and imagination—proceeds benefit CPT’s groundbreaking artistic work and life-changing education programs. It runs at least $165 to get in. Me…..a $5 dress, great legs, my time and all the food and drink I can handle.

Let’s step into the way back machine. Here is last year:

At around 1:20, you’ll see yours truly, for a split second. Damn, I wish I were that cute again!

We live on a cul-de-sac, at the very end. Every year we have a block party, essentially at the end of my driveway. Every year it is the same weekend as Pandemonium! So every year I miss the block party (which I would like to attend) and have to assemble myself on-site. Fortunately it is a theater, so there are plenty of dressing rooms for me to do my makeup, etc. But I hate walking in the place in hybrid mode.

Here I am in the artists’ dressing area after having pulled myself together.

Okay, story time. Remember The Prom to Remember a few months back? During the Dress Extravaganza as well as at the prom, I made friends with a wonderful young lady, so full of personality. She really touched me. Fast forward to this day and a beautiful woman comes up to me, calls me by name and tells me what a kind person I am. I had no memory of this woman (surprise there, huh?). It ends up she is young lady’s aunt and did in fact meet me at the prom. Her niece apparently spoke fondly of me. Pretty cool. Well, here is Mindy and me prior to the beginning of the festivities (the photo on the left). The other photo is her niece and me from this past April. By the way, she is in remission!!

It went like that all night. I was part of quite a few photos, many of which I have no copies of. Well, I’m just happy to be happy. The night was wonderful and here is one other friend who shared the photo with me.

Finally, here is a little fun with my friend Christina!

Here are my friend Carol and I.

4 thoughts on “Pandemonium Redux!

  1. Kandi, that is a fabulous dress, maybe a little bit out of your comfort zone, but it sure looks great on you! And I love the purple shoes too.

    What a fantastic event, you have such a beautiful smile with everyone in these pictures. And to reconnect with the aunt of that lovely young woman from the Prom is so heart-warming. For all the hard work and effort you put in, it must be gratifying to be so accepted.


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