Pandemonium! The Set-up.

September 6, 2019 – It was time again for the Cleveland Public Theater’s annual blow out, Pandemonium! It is easily the biggest social event in Cleveland every year and a huge fundraiser for CPT. This year, I finagled my way into a promotion! The funny thing is I did so by not really being of any help all throughout the year. I am kind of a perfect person to work this event. I went from a wayfinder to House Manager. The campus of CPT is a number of adjunct buildings. My station was the Storefront Studio, featuring four intimate musical performances, from jazz to opera to pop/folk to blues. My responsibilities included helping direct the flow of traffic within the space and making sure that capacity isn’t exceeded. This day was the pre-event meeting and I was delighted to be a part of it. But if you follow this here blog, you know there are many facets to one of my outings.

Let’s start with the outfit. The only pair of jeans I paid full price for and could not be happier with the purchase. The Old Navy Rock Star jeans……OMG, I wish I could wear them 24/7. This top, essentially free (a coupon wiped out its cost), so cool, feminine, just me.

Prior to the meeting I had coffee with a delightful friend from Plexus. Ellie works for a local non-profit and had some opportunities to discuss with me. They were all of interest to me in terms of both contributing as well as networking potential. We talked for about a hour and a half, it was wonderful getting to know her and share stories. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It was effortless, as if we were long time friends. Thanks Ellie!

I headed over to the theater and had an hour to kill, so guess what? Here I am with my daiquiri, sitting on the patio on a perfect weather evening.

The pre-production meeting itself was fun. I got to see some friends and learned my responsibilities for the next day. No real story, just me getting out and about. The event should be fun and quite memorable (especially my dress!!).

10 thoughts on “Pandemonium! The Set-up.

  1. Kandi,

    WOW! A triple header — Great outfit 0 Top and Jeans (Know what you means -Wearing same now),

    FUN EVENT – Lots of interchange AND Last but not the least by any measure –90 minutes of Chit Chat with a GAL friend had to be wonderful… Of course a Margerita is also welcome.

    Marie Anne


  2. Another great outing. You look happy and at peace.
    That is a nice bunch of bracelets you are sporting. I can only wear those that expand or stretch since standard size woman’s bracelets do not get over my paws.


  3. Love that top, very trendy bell sleeves and a great pattern. It goes well with your daiquiri!

    I got a preview of the dress from Flickr, and all I can say is “Gorgeous!” ❤


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