My Reunion

By Rachel L.

A few weekends back, August 9th and 10th I attended my 40th HS reunion. Wow 40 years, sometimes it’s hard to believe.

We had a FB page created for this get together full of information about the event for about a year. Many in the past few weeks posted picture of themselves in the senior pictures and such plus a few other fun photos. I myself posted one of me in my cap and gown. Now I did not know a lot of folks from my class just because of the sheer size of 756 grads. But over the years I reconnected with some and one girl in particular was very special connection.

A few years ago as I was contemplating coming out, I decided to tell her and she was my angel, she totally accepted me and I shared a few pictures with her of the new coming out me.  I would later tell a few more of my class mates and never once did I get a negative comment.

So it was about a week from the reunion and I asked my special friend do you think I should come out on out on our reunion page? She said she thought yes it would be a good idea. So I made the decision to do just that. I told my very short story that I was transgender and gender fluid and just wanted to make sure I didn’t surprise anyone if I showed up looking just a bit different. The response I received on that page was so overwhelmingly positive I almost cried.

To understand a little more of how this surprised even me is my HS is in the center of the Bible Belt in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. So yes very conservative. We had two events planned, a picnic on Friday and a dance or just dinner get together on Saturday night. I decided I would attend both.

Friday came and I was a little nervous but I felt I had picked a cute outfit to wear. A pair of thigh length shorts white and a pink flower pattern sleeveless top. Sandals of course, and I wore a pink ball cap with my fake, yes fake, ponytail sticking out the back.
I was well received and good conversation ensued.

So now onto Saturday night, I chose to wear a dress as I don’t have near the chances our Miss Kandi does to wear such. Mine was a blue print dress with the handkerchief bottom and I wore wedge open toe shoes. They were not great for dancing lol, but I survived.

Again the acceptance was more than I ever expected, my heart was warmed and filled with love. Of course my sweet friend who I first came out to was there and we reconnected. I also got to know better many who I’ve only chatted via FB but have been in my corner for some time.

I truly think times are changing. I feel our generation is realizing that those of us who are different are just people struggling with their lives and trying to live the best we can. I left with so many emotions floating in my head but now more confidant and determined to be me and let all know we really are just normal folk and they should not fear us.

Here are my outfits, didn’t get great pictures sorry and as you see one is just the outfit without me lol.

Thanks Kandi again for letting me share.

First off, my pleasure Rach!! Secondly, we absolutely do have a long way to go as a society, but we are farther along than you might think. At least that is my personal experience and we have had quite a few weigh in here with the same experiences. We live in dangerous times regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. People now get gunned down for being at temple, a concert, out for the evening, at school, sitting on their porch. You get the point. Love is all we have. Spread a little today!!


4 thoughts on “My Reunion

  1. Rachel,
    I am so happy your class mates we so accepting of your decision. I’m glad you reconnected with your friend. You are correct, we all have the right to live how we want. Good for you for doing just that.

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  2. Rachel
    That you for the positive post and I am so glad that things went so well for your reunion. I am sure that as you were heading to the event your heart was in your throat but you came through a better stronger person for following your inclinations.
    I find that the more conservative parts of the country get a bad reputation from the coastal elites. It is nice to see this position confirmed by your positive experience down in Oklahoma.

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