Please Give

I will do this very rarely and if you are not interested, please at least check out the website!

A few weeks back, we held our first event for The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation at a local festival, nationally known. We were able to raise just over $1,500 to help conquer childhood cancers. I helped out a bit on Saturday, as myself. There will be no pictures of me then.

This is Courtney’s wonderful family.

Here are a few other shots of the tent.

I believe in good things happening to good people. Sunday morning of that weekend I ran a half marathon, representing the cause. I wore my foundation t-shirt and also, sadly, my Dayton hat the morning following that tragedy. I think we are all getting sick of these things happening!

Runners reach levels where they take a quantum leap in performance. I used to consistently run a 1:45 half when I started out. I then eventually took the leap and chopped about ten minutes off that time regularly. I injured myself last year and took a step back into the 1:40’s after recovering. With Courtney sitting on my shoulder this day, I blew past my previous personal best and took the next quantum leap. I firmly believe she helped me. Thanks Courtney! Here I am after the race.

Please donate anything you can spare. If you cannot, I completely understand, at least read about us and what we are building here. I want to now help Alisha take that quantum leap.

Thank you for indulging me today!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


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