A Much Needed Ego Boost

After a busy, hectic and sometimes frustrating week, it was time for the first MIX! event at the art museum in two months. I needed it! I decided to trot out this great dress I picked up at the thrifts and was very pleased with the results.

The party was held outdoors on the steps of the museum and we sold out! My job, since I wanted to remain indoors so I didn’t melt, was to greet each and every person that walked in the front door and direct them to either the ticket counter or to the entry to the party, as it was in a different spot than usual. I easily interacted with close to three thousand people on my three hour shift. I was spent when it was over.

I would have to conservatively estimate that I received at least twenty complements with one lovely young lady walking up to me, telling me she loved my dress and her asking me for a hug! The dress needed more exposure, so I stopped at a jazz night club on my way home. I enjoyed an appetizer and a glass of wine while sitting at the crowded bar. A wonderful woman sat next to me, we chatted a bit and she purchased a glass of wine for me! That was unbelievably sweet of her. Kind of needed that one…….

2 thoughts on “A Much Needed Ego Boost

  1. Kandi, I love the dress and your makeup is wonderful. Smart move to be inside where it was cooler. I am always amazed at how easy it seems for you to interact with people, I have to make a real effort to do that when I am out dressed.


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