A Much Needed Walk On The Beach

So the day my recent post “Who Am I Kidding?” ran, I got up, waited for my wife to finish preparing for work, put on my new swimsuit and headed to the beach. I arrived at around 9:00 AM and essentially had the beach to myself. The temperatures were around 75, the sun was bright and the peacefulness was wonderful. I set myself up, relaxed a bit and enjoyed my time there.

A young lady was playing nearby with her dogs, so I went over and watched them. Britney was delightful. She introduced me to her dogs, complemented me on my swimsuit and we had a nice conversation. Please understand, done right, no one cares what you are wearing.

Not much more of a story here. I played Sports Illustrated swim suit model since no one was around, so here is a photo montage of my morning.

I actually spent more time commuting home and back than I spent there as it was starting to get warm. Heat is not kind to me with the wig and makeup on. But I achieved my objective, a little peace (of mind). There is something powerful just walking across the beach, owning who you are and looking pretty damn good doing so. While this day the beach was not crowded, I have done so a few times now in various swimsuits and a bikini.

Thought for the Day: Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys!’ (Thanks Pat!)

6 thoughts on “A Much Needed Walk On The Beach

  1. Kandi,

    Good on you — Lovely suit — Good fit — Particularly Top Level,, Activity wonderfully liberating.. Pets are a great at dismantling barriers to communications. Do it all the time.

    Marie Anne


  2. Kandi it’s funny this is one place I really don’t think I could be comfortable in my bathing suits.
    I’ve got 3 cute one piece.
    I only wear them in my own back yard pool.
    You look really good in yours.
    Thanks much for sharing


  3. Looks like real sand on the shores of Lake Erie. We love the beach but are somewhat spoiled since we have waves and salt water.
    I do have some issues with dogs on the beach. Not that I do not like dogs but I like to walk barefoot in the sand.


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