Getting In On The Ground Floor

This is Courtney Jones. Courtney passed away from leukemia in April 2018. She was (I believe) eleven. This is a self portrait.

Back in May I worked an event for The Littlest Heroes, a cancer charity. There I met a spectacular human being, Alisha, Courtney’s mother. Almost instantly we developed a connection and I told her I would help her in anyway possible. On this day, I was invited to an organizational meeting at her home to begin building the Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation. I have offered to serve as the volunteer coordinator.

What this woman is doing and her vision is incredible. There were probably twenty people there, all willing supporters and contributors to the cause. We went over Alisha’s agenda and began laying the groundwork for something special.

On a personal note, I was beyond honored to be there. There were mostly woman there, race was a nonissue (as of course it should be everywhere, all the time). We were just a bunch of people that love and support Alisha and bonded over this. My “uniqueness” could not have been less of an issue. Oh yeah, I was about three miles from our home. I was universally accepted, who and what I am just didn’t matter other than I was one of the ladies there to help. There isn’t much more to report. The meeting took a few hours, Alisha fed everyone and we were all energized to help. The world is full of amazing people and I am blessed to be associated with so many of them!

Much less important, but a regular feature here, this was my outfit for the evening. Very casual with a pair of my new Charming Charlie’s earrings. After my recent Charlie’s haul, they filed bankruptcy. Very sad. Brick and mortar retail continues to disappear.

I am thrilled to be a part of this organization. When Alisha showed us the logo, after having shared the self portrait, the tears welled up as you can imagine.

12 thoughts on “Getting In On The Ground Floor

  1. What a wonderful story and experience. Good for you but more importantly, good for mom to take a tragedy and turn it into a positive.


  2. So great that you can do this Kandi and it is sad when we see kids suffer from these awful things, you are such a blessing my friend


  3. Such an inspiring cause to be associated with, Kandi! It’s sad that this young girl lost her battle, but the strength of her family and friends to continue the fight to care for others and (eventually) find a cure is powerful. So happy to see you be a shining example of acceptance in this new group.


  4. I couldn’t do any of this without old friends, new friends like Kandi and the many I have yet to make!
    Alisha Jones-
    Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation


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