Sherry’s Voice – Part 2

On Thursday, June 27th I had the second of six voice sessions. That day I had more time to get ready and be Sherry before my appointment. A few days prior I texted my friend Natalie (Kandi and she were friends and how Kandi and I became friends) to set up a brunch date at a local First Watch. I decided to wear an outfit I bought last week (hope you like the picture), the cute tan stretch pants and a peach top (at left). I arrived a few minutes after Natalie and sat down at her table. As Kandi has mentioned before I have a very public job that I have worked at for 20 years and the waitress was an acquaintance from my job! I don’t think she recognized me because she never looked at me “funny” any of the times she came to our table. I tried to use my best feminine voice when speaking with her. After she took our order I looked around the restaurant and noticed another person I recognized from my job but I’m sure she didn’t notice me because she was engaged in conversation with her five friends the entire time I was there. Our conversation was wonderful as we talked about her post-op life and where I want to go with all of this. Upon arriving at our cars we parted ways with a hug.

After leaving the restaurant I went to a couple stores and tried various outfits on and of course bought a few things. While in the cosmetic section at the one store, a woman commented to me that another store had a better selection and that I should go there, we had a quick conversation and it appears she didn’t clock me or didn’t really care! Either way, just another example of it’s okay to be you.

I arrived at the voice clinic a few minutes early, checked in with the receptionist and found a seat in the waiting area. The area was kind of full so I asked a 60 something man if the seat next to him was taken, it wasn’t, and he kindly told me to have a seat. Again, no “funny” looks, just another person there. Jannis (grad student) calls me back a few minutes later, asks how my week was and I reciprocate. She leads me to a different room than last week, this room has as machine in it that measures different parts of your speech. We did tests where I read passages, made sounds by going up and down the scale from my normal voice to as high as I could, all the way to as low as I could, and making the “s” and “z” sounds for as long as I could. This is all baseline data that I will be compared to at the end of the six weeks.

We talked about my homework, I told her I liked the way Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson spoke and she said she would do some research on them. I also told her about Marcelito Pomoy who is a male that also has a beautiful female singing voice (look him up). At the end of the session I asked her opinion on my outfit (I wore a different wig) and told her I’m looking for constructive feedback to improve my presentation. She said she liked my “summery” top, how I accessorized, and that I didn’t have too much makeup on. Unfortunately, I have to wait two weeks to return because of the 4th of July falling on Thursday so I will let you know how my next session goes on July 11th, until then…

Stay Beautiful-Sherry

I hope you are enjoying this. I, of course, know Sherry in the real world, so it is fun to watch her go through what I did only a few years ago (only doing better, as I had no help whatsoever). It’s also interesting to me to see how one fairly similar person goes about this in a little different fashion. A while back, I saw a random e-mail, which I generally delete immediately. This one, I clicked on and from there, I made a friend. You just never know….

5 thoughts on “Sherry’s Voice – Part 2

  1. Kandi and Sherry,

    Sherry just love the first – peach outfit and the voice training story. Very encouraging. Wish there was such an opportunity near me. Take care boih of you.

    Marie Anne Greene


  2. This is really interesting Sherry and while I’ve never considered going to a speech specialist hearing about yours is intriguing.
    We all have different things we want to do better to present ourselves and be more confidant.
    You look lovely in your outfits, continue to be you and be confidant


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