Just a Girl at the Beach

I wish I could spin a great tale here, but alas, it was a simple afternoon at the beach. The day was finally dry, sunny, with moderate temperatures and low humidity. I got myself in swimsuit shape and off I went.

I laid out for a while, enjoyed my dinner (just a sandwich), did some people watching and just relaxed a bit. No one paid me a bit of attention.

I was at Cleveland’s Edgewater Beach, which also has quite a bit of park area and one of the script Cleveland signs. So I offered to take a few pictures of two young ladies if they would reciprocate. So here I am in one of our great photo spots. I was completely at ease there. My only issue is me, my inability to just relax and do nothing. I wish I had hung out longer, but got antsy and headed back home.

11 thoughts on “Just a Girl at the Beach

  1. Kandi,

    Good for you — Sunshine and bravery. Great combination. Have two one piece but day dream of a two piece Bikini. An tempted every time i see those glamorous adds on LILy . No lake, ocean or river here, Get my Sun on a patch of grass in the afternoon on the side of my cottage. Works pretty well. Bottoms only.



  2. Wow you look amazing Kandi.
    Believe it or not I don’t think I could pull that off. I did get in the hot tub on my cruise but I wore a swim skirt and modest top
    Good for you Kandi


  3. I am in awe of your “swimsuit shape”, Kandi. I did have a bikini that I lifted from a bag that our former boarder left when she moved out. However, it really was too small for me and I wouldn’t think of wearing it again. A one piece suit like yours is much better.


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