So, Where Were We?

Oh yeah, I headed home after my doctor’s appointment and completed the Kandi process and off I went for what was a very full, but tiring, day.

I tweaked my outfit by changing out from a cute robin egg blue t-shirt to this top I just love! I was feeling cutesy in my pictures.

So I first ran a few errands to the bank and the post office. Then I swung out to one of my favorite consignment shops. I don’t know what it is, but I have such fun at these places. About a month ago I had been admiring a too expensive dress they had on the mannequin in the window. It was still there. The owner encouraged me to try it on. I did some shopping and picked up a handful of other dresses and went into the dressing room.

The dress fit like a dream! I purposely left my phone in the car so as not to be bothered by calls, texts, etc., forgetting that is also my camera, so we have no photographic evidence. While I didn’t buy that dress (I told you, too expensive), I did get two others and a cute top. But there are two stories to tell.

The owner’s “mother” (actually a dear friend’s mother, but she referred to her as Mom), an 80+ year old, Irish immigrant and former seamstress, was in the store. Helene, whom I also called Mom, was my personal stylist, gushing over how I looked in each dress, pointing out the technical aspects of each fit. Damned if that wasn’t just the best hour I could have spent! We parted with multiple hugs.

And, oh yeah, I bought a freakin’ perfect, elegant Narciso Rodriguez dress. A quick Google search will show you these dresses list for over a thousand dollars. It was marked for consignment at $229 (extremely pricey for a consignment store), but was 90% off since it had been there so long! Dresses that expensive usually don’t sell that well at a consignment store, plus (modestly) one has to have the exact right figure for the dress. It is not forgiving.

After that I headed over to a vintage resale store that I love! The owner and I are friends and got caught up, it had been a while since I was in her neighborhood. I picked up a necklace to match one of the dresses I had just bought and left, again smiling at my good fortune. Not for the necklace, but for my friendships and the ease at which I go about all of this.

I was growing hungry so I stopped at the greatest Happy Hour and enjoyed a cocktail and dinner for pennies on the dollar. Then over to the mall to try on even more dresses. I was ready to purchase a Calvin Klein, but the lack of cashiers allowed me the time to rethink my initial impulse (like I need another dress).

The evening was capped off ushering at Weathervane Playhouse, one of my community theaters and a beer at the bar across the street. Nothing eventful, just a string of places, people and opportunities to be seen and accepted.

Pretty damn lucky, huh?


8 thoughts on “So, Where Were We?

  1. Kandi GIRL,

    WONDERFUL DAY DEFINITELY A FIVE STAR DAY PLUS — 8-10-12 Dresses. WOW!!! I lost count and top off the cream on the cake with all those hugs and chats with “Moms” etc. Hard to duplicate.




  2. Another wonderful day of being yourself, whether it’s shopping and scoring multiple dresses, having a drink with dinner, or volunteering at a favorite theater. And buying a Narciso Rodriguez dress for less than $25 is astonishing! I can’t wait to see the pictures when you pull that out for a special occasion.


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