You Just Never Know

Yesterday I had a physical scheduled. My doctor, my first real such doctor, is located in my hometown. Under any circumstances except the office location, I would have taken my physical as Kandi. But you never know when a neighbor or friend might walk in, but I did go in stealth Kandi mode. Basically I was dressed, with a running pullover allowing for some plausible deniability, with the exception of hair and makeup. I am just now establishing a relationship with my doctor (a woman) and I want to be able to trust her. Well, let me tell you, I have the best doctor imaginable! After having the assistant do a few things and run an EKG, requiring me to remove my bra (she was sweet as well), my doctor entered the room. I was all put back together. I met her last year for a referral on my achilles, but given my crappy memory, didn’t remember much about the visit.

Well, let’s see….she’s a runner, ran the Cleveland Marathon half, is a lesbian and about the same age as me. Instant connection! My attire, a nonissue, although I opened the door for a few questions about transitioning and things like that. I appear to be in tip top health, have to (finally) get a colonscopy (I’m about eight years late on this) and ended the appointment with a hug. We’ll both be at Pride weekend next Saturday, so I told her to look for me.

Frankly I was nervous about the visit (only because it was in my hometown), but once I got into the office and out of the waiting room, I was at ease.


6 thoughts on “You Just Never Know

  1. Kandi,

    Great !! I do not know if I could have done that — Another example of your bravery. i get along extremely well with my female PA’s but doubt if it would be safe for Marie.

    Marie Anne


  2. My doctor knows that I dress but I’m not sure if I would go to an appointment dressed or underdressed. I know it would not be an issue for him or the staff. It falls more toward the side of embarrassment for me and possibly my wife. Another one for the CD bucket list!


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