A Query From Pricilla – Part Two

Hi Kandi, Thanks for your response. By doing make up so often you also must be good at removing it!!! I find removers and soap very irritable to my skin. Maybe you can help there as well. Looking forward to your response. Hugs, PBK

Obviously, every one’s skin is very different. I am not immune from irritation when removing my makeup, but I do have a routine that works best for me.

So once I get home and get everything off, the first thing I attack are my eyes. I use a oil free eye makeup remover I get from Walmart, of course. I get their “Equate” brand. It is essentially the same as the Neutrogena brand, only much cheaper. I half soak a cotton ball and hold in on the eye, to begin loosening up my mascara and liner. Then I wipe, gently, until everything is removed. I currently have two eyes (although neither one works very well), so I do it again on the other eye. This is very important, no matter how well you do at this, odds are you will still leave some mascara or eyeliner behind. Make sure, maybe the next morning, you lightly wipe your eyes. You’d be surprised.

Lipstick is removed using the Equate makeup remover wipes. You can use tissue if you’d like. Then I hit the shower, it’s just easier than doing it over the sink. I get a wash cloth and put some body wash on it, one that exfoliates to kill two birds with one stone. Scrub everything, rinse and I’m done! I can tear down in about 15 minutes. The last thing I do before I am done is moisturize my face. For that I use a Gold Bond lotion. This is done more because of what I went through to get ready in terms of a close shave. That shave is not my favorite part and wearing makeup seems to help, until that makeup is removed. A very close shave, for me, is painful. Makeup seems to make my face feel good, but once scrubbed off, I am a bit raw. The lotion is very important. I rarely shave between outings for a few reasons. One is simply to allow my face to recover from the multiple shaves that go into a close shave. Secondly, when seen in public, I generally have stubble and/or the beginning of a beard. That help form the mental image of me in other’s minds, so if they see me or think they see something, it usually doesn’t register. I am not saying this is foolproof, but so far, so good!

Pricilla, if soap and removers are irritable, I am not sure what the alternatives are. Maybe you need to keep up with a twice daily moisturizing routine. I hope this helped.

As a further question to your make up response: What type of razor do you use: electric or blade? And….don’t your feet hurt after a day in heels!!!!!
Hugs, Pricilla

One must remember, everyone’s face is different. I generally shave twice when I go out and what I do depends. For example, if I go out on a Wednesday, after my two day workweek, I have a beard as I mentioned above. I rarely shave on work days and usually my last previous outing would be the last time I have shaved. Therefore I get out the shaving gel and the Quattro and go at it. If it is after Wednesday, I’ll take the electric and give it a shave. Then I use one of my electric leg razors to get under my nose. In either case, that is shave no. 1. Then I go into the shower, get the water good and hot, use hair conditioner for shaving cream and do it again, this time as close as possible. Oh yeah, all this shaving sucks for me! My facial hair grows in so many different directions and is course, it’s not pleasant. This is a principal reason I don’t do extended days or 24/7. I did that on one day recently at Keystone and practically need a blood transfusion to recover!

Do heels hurt my feet? Of course they do! They hurt everyone and anyone that wears heels. No one is exempt from pain. The amount of pain varies on the amount of walking, the shoes themselves, what I am standing on, etc… I do my best to minimize the pain. There is a toe taping (not toe tapping) routine that helps. Google it as I want you to get accurate information. We all know everything on the internet is true…..

I am long past wearing a pair of shoes for looks. They, of course, must match my outfit, but I always dress for comfort. That is why I own so many black shoes, they generally go with almost anything. A comfortable pair of black and nude heels and you can make almost anything work! My heel lengths have gotten shorter and shorter. It’s about being who I am, presenting myself as I wish, not about the act of wearing women’s clothing or a particular item.

And there you have it!!


2 thoughts on “A Query From Pricilla – Part Two

  1. All good advice Kandi,
    I’m one who pretty much wears makeup everyday even if it’s just foundation
    What I use are Neutrogena makeup wipes then I use another product from then called pore toner which cleans even more.
    Then I will use a night moisturizer.
    I still don’t get all of it but so far my face responses well.

    My shaving routine starts with an electric then a regular 3 blade razor. It seems to work well but like you Kandi I do get a bit of growth as my work even comes to a close but it’s not as noticeable as I and we all imagine but it’s just annoying


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