Good Bye, Old Friend….

Let’s say farewell to one of my all-time favorite dresses with a little photo retrospective.

The photo on the right was from October, 2015 at the Erie Sisters Gala. It was early on for me and it shows. The other photo was a few months later (my wardrobe was limited back then) in which I took a more casual spin on the dress, at a local holiday flea. By the way, you can see that I was a blonde (dirty blonde, actually) in the past.

July 2017 I wore the dress to church and then to a community luncheon we used to have in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Finally, the recent event for The Littlest Heroes.

Today I was going to have run a post about my adventures picking up my race package prior to the marathon (which I have always done dressed), which would have included a great photo at their photo spot and then some other plans I had afterward. But I simply wasn’t feeling it that day. I went to get everything as myself and headed back home. The night before I had attended a concert (saw The Revivalists, I cannot recommend them enough!) and we were dog sitting for our daughter. I had a few that evening and arrived home later than I normally would. Plus the dog sleeps in the bed and doesn’t always allow for a sound sleep for my wife and/or me. On top of everything, it was a drab and grey day, further adding to my weariness. Given the two races I had ahead of me, I took it easy and rested.

Here are my two previous pre-marathon photos. I had an outfit all picked out and ready to go too!

Well, suffice as to say that I didn’t qualify for Boston. It was a very hot and humid day, little relief from the sun. Sadly, a 23 year old woman died a mile from the finish. My result was very good, but again, since my secret identity can be discovered by being specific, let’s just say I did pretty well for an old coot. The best part of the run, at about mile 19, a 19 year old and I hooked up and pushed each other, which probably resulted in me saving a good 5 minutes in time. But youth won out and at about mile 24 I told him to go as my legs weren’t as spry as they had been. We hugged at the finish. The whole weekend was a huge success!

I’m not sure if this will ring true for many out there, but the race is the absolute “it” for me. Kandi is a HUGE part of my life, the only reason I am able to compete and a joy for me. But given the choice between the two (acknowledging that family always trumps everything), I will always select a race, the right race though. I have moved past racing just to race (just as I have moved past getting dressed just to get dressed), having well over 100 competitive races behind me. I now pick the races I want to run because of the challenge, or the course, or the field, or the charity, or for whatever reason. Concerts are second, Kandi adventures third. To have these passions and be able to participate in them is indeed a blessing, one I never, ever take for granted.


4 thoughts on “Good Bye, Old Friend….

  1. While I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t qualify for Boston, I am glad to know that you had a good race in the heat and humidity.

    And that dress is still gorgeous, no matter how many times you have worn it! Thanks for the retrospective, Kandi. ❤


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the run, sad you did not reach your goal of going to Boston.
    I do love the dress and also that cute yellow skirt in the promo photo.

    I think you look great in the shorter bob wig to it seems to frame you face best.
    Either way you truly are a beautiful person


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