Marie’s Prom Dress Story

By Marie Anne Greene

It was many years after the two preceding memorable adventures and between the one described below.  This was the partial and first attempt to finally don a PROM gown with all the dreams and hopes that this first step from teen aged girlhood toward the threshold entry into womanhood.  I have always admired full-length gowns had witnessed in the Dry-Cleaners window the way to work after school.  In all those intervening years never had an opportunity to do anything more than admire these exquisite demonstrations of femininity.  After many years, was presented with the opportunity during a business trip.

Was projected to head home in four days and was taking a short cut through an Up-Scale department store.  There in the center court was a SALE sign that was almost glowing with its vibrant colors.  Definitely eye catching – At least mine!  There on a circle rack were about half a dozen Prom Gowns looking a little forlorn and picked over.  Prom season had passed two weeks previously and these were the remnants.  Could quickly see why most were still there rather than being in a girl’s closet.  Most colors were glaring garish – Glowing Orange, Bright Green, Flaming Purple and Sun-bright Yellow.  There was one – a totally opposite element of the rainbow spectrum – In fact it may not even be considered in this august array.  It was pure scarlet with high waist, flaring skirt adding to my feminine curvature descending to just below the knee.  Was captivated with possibilities and paid the salesgirl with a comment that my niece had missed the big event having been in the hospital doing the festive period.

When reached my hotel room on the interior fifth floor of a spacious galleria, quickly shed my male attire, plunged into the shower and just as quickly emerged and slid into the potential heart racing cloud of rayon and net.  After snuggling it down over my shoulders and on to my hips reached behind and began working the zipper up my back.  Was in imagination heaven when the upward progress abruptly ended.  Tried to move the zipper higher but only achieved less than a centimeter.  Sadly, realized no further progress was possible.  My rib cage and bust line exceeded that of the dress.  Reversed the process and let it glide to the floor and stepped out of its shimmering circle.  Examined it for possible solutions.  Found there were four “Darts”, two on either side of rib cage area.  An idea occurred.  Turned the gown inside out, located the darts and using a razor blade very carefully cut the stiches which collectively allowed the combined darts to expending the rib cage area by approximately four inches.  Using the hotel iron, steamed the dart areas and ironed them smooth.  The overall “operation” was a success and was our Gal was able to now fully zip up the gown.

Now to consider where to show it off. — First came the proper feminine face.  This did not take long, a light foundation, eye brow pencil, mascara, blusher and light pink lipstick – my favorite color.  All touched off with a fragrant floral perfume.

Decided to begin this adventure with a slow walk around the hotel balcony, then descend to the Palm studded open artemin and bar area in the main glass enclosed elevator.  Then remembered needed to add a few things to complete look and the feel – Quickly found a matching purse and wrap, slide-on the irreplaceable engagement ring and the diamond studded wrist watch, added dangling earrings and of course a few more sprays of perfume.  Finally tucked some cash into the tiny cocktail purse.  Did not drop the car keys into the tiny purse, would not be driving, however did double check that the room cards were safely in the purse.  Did not want to be locked out!  Took a few long moments to calm my pulse and the beating of my heart, however could not completely chill-out as was nervous to be making this debut.  Looked in the mirror at the smiling and graceful reflection.  Slowly collected my emotions, expectations (and trepidations) and with my heels clicking in a measured beat made my way to the glass elevator.  It was empty as it slowly descended to Atrium which itself was essentially bare of guests.

Exited the glass capsule and strolled to the center of the expanse accompanied by the tell-tale click of the heels and the slight rustle of the under skirt.  It was early in the evening and the expanse was empty. The bartender saw me coming and smiled broadly.  Was briefly panicked, but it passed almost instantly as I knew I looked wonderful – totally feminine in walk, appearance and confidence.  In response to his greeting and query as to my choice of drink, chirped a “Flute of Champagne would be perfect”.  As he departed to fetch the drink, fished several crisp folded bills from my pursue to pay.  When he placed the napkin and the chilled crystal goblet in front of my stool, thanked him, slide the cash forward and quietly stated “No Change”.

Then took out my phone and proceeded to call a Girl Friend and talked forever with an occasional brief walk to admire one of the nearby paintings which were displayed on tripods.  After about twelve minutes the flute was close to being empty and I placed it on the bar, ordered a second after which after enjoying the bubbly liquid and again paying the bartender, gathered my wrap, tossed it over my left shoulder, scooped up the purse and camera and waving the bartender a finger “bye” strolled to the far exit and ascended to my room in the conventional rear elevator.  Another adventure into a wonderful slice of the feminine experience – Almost Ecstasy.


3 thoughts on “Marie’s Prom Dress Story

  1. It’s quite a gorgeous dress and love the color. So nice you found it and got to enjoy the thrill of having a prom dress


  2. Rachael and Sami,

    Sorry to be so late in replying. Please forgive. Just love both of your comments..Thrill and Bravery. Thank You.

    Marie Anne


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