A Query From Pricilla – Part One

Hi Kandi,
Great blog postings about your fun and activities. I was wondering if you could provide some of your make up tips in a future article. I know you have spent a lot of time and continue to do so in refining your look. With great success! Items like products you favor, brands, beard cover, foundation, blush, lipstick etc. as well as any little secrets, tips that you have discovered in your journey. I know it will help me as I continue to experiment with make up products.
Keep on keeping on!

Hugs, Pricilla

Well Pricilla, I’m not sure I’m the girl to listen to, but I’ll talk about how I approach my make up. The honest truth is that if I am indeed any good at doing my make up it is because I do it so often. Practice, practice, practice!

Let’s start with the basics. My face is very flawed, Without makeup, my beard and/or beard shadow is prominent. My nose (while too big) has a few very large pores. My complexion is uneven. I have bags under my eyes and thin eye lashes. Since I started down this road I did two things, which have shown slight improvement over time. I take collagen daily, which has helped with my hair, skin and nails. My eye lashes have grown a bit as a result. I also moisturize twice daily with eye cream as well.

I do my best to get a close shave, apply moisturizer and use my fragrance essentially as an after shave. Then I apply primer, nothing special, purchased at Walmart. If I do not specifically note a brand name here, it is because it is simply something I picked up at Walmart, maybe Cover Girl or something like that. Then I use Dermablend cover cream. I apply it using a “blendy ball”, essentially from my eyes down and on my neck. The focus here is only on where hair grows. Then I apply a light dusting of loose powder to help the foundation to adhere better. Now its time for the foundation, mixed with a little of the cover cream, patted on with a brush then gone over with the ball to even things out. Finally a dusting of Dermablend cover powder. That represents my base face.

Once I let everything dry briefly, then I apply my highlighter, blush and contouring powder. The highlighter is placed on my forehead between my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my upper lip and chin, next to my eyes and finally under my eyes. You well know where the blush goes, this is so important. Don’t overdo it, but it needs to be prominent. Contouring is on my jowls, forehead and the sides of my nose, to help make it appear thin. My face is now done.

I use a brow cream to extend and darken my existing brows, which I keep pretty well trimmed. The extension I paint on gives the brows a more feminine appearance. I use it for shaping. I then apply a light eye shadow just under the brows to open my eyes up a bit, followed by my primary shadow over the lid. I am an advocate of the smoky eye effect, since it can be done without being too precise. My eye sight is very much lacking, so being precise with eye liner is nearly impossible. I’ll apply a base liner, generally either dark brown or black under the eys and on the upper lid. Then I apply a feature color on the upper lid as well. I use Sephora eye crayons for eye liner, they are wonderful. I then take the smudge brush and smudge the under eyes and blend the primary liner color with the feature color.

Then I do my mascara, two coats. I am what I am, so I don’t use false lashes or anything other than mascara and a brush. Then I select a lip liner and “draw” my lips, creating a Cupid’s Bow on the top and extending my lips below the actual lips to give the illusion of more feminine lips. I am careful not to extend the top of my lips too much. I feel that looks poor, but am not afraid to do so on the bottom lip. Then I color in the liner with lipstick and make any necessary touch ups. I use drug store lipsticks. I spray the whole face with setting spray and I’m done!

You can achieve a very good look with the right beard cover and drug store makeup. It’s all about practice and subtlety. I don’t want to look like a drag queen, I want to look natural, pretty and coordinated with my outfit as best I can. Everything is considered when I present myself. I’ll go more dramatic for an evening affair. I’ll tone it down significantly to go the grocery store. You get the point. I hope this was helpful and not too boring for my readers out there.

If I can offer any specific suggestions, take care of your face all the time, spend on beard cover and powder, smoky eye makes it all so easy and eye crayons are fabulous. Have good brushes (again, I get them at Walmart) and the blendy ball is a key.

I have taken numerous (free) Sephora makeup classes, early on had a few makeovers to learn and even had a one-on-one session in the home of a makeup artist to have her critique my skills and offer suggestions. Now having done this well over 400 times, it’s become second nature.

Thanks Pricilla! You’re the best!! More next Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “A Query From Pricilla – Part One

  1. While I don’t get as much practice with my makeup, I have to emphasize the importance of primer and setting spray as the start and finishing touches. The primer makes my face much smoother and allows the foundation to be more evenly blended. The setting spray keeps everything in place for longer periods of time and avoids smudges when you touch your face, as we all do.


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