Last Time (For a While)

This was my last chance to get out for about two weeks due to Easter weekend, a wedding that we’ll be attending (and one of our daughters is in) and the girls coming home. There was a Plexus networking event so I decided to make a day of it. After I got everything I needed to do at home completed, I got dressed on a lovely, but windy, nearly 80 degree day. I believe this may be the first time I have taken the obligatory car selfie! I was really happy with the outfit, the colorful skirt, the royal blue blouse, the necklace pulling all those shades of blue and the blue in my shoes and purse. An outfit well executed!

I had to run some errands, so why not have Kandi do them! Then I went to the mall and really took my time poking around. I picked up a new eye crayon at Sephora and spent some time at Victoria’s Secret, where they had body scents on sale, so I stocked up on a few. Then I went to a very favorite Happy Hour and had my dinner and a glass of wine.

I then went to the Plexus event and really enjoyed myself. No real stories, but here is photographic evidence that I indeed had fun!

Finally, feeling pretty and pretty good, I headed downtown to the Arcade where I love taking pictures. It provides a nice backdrop and I can usually take pictures there without any issues. So here is my photo montage before I stopped at a hotel bar, had one for the road and headed home.

Yeah, that was fun! April was an adventurous month and May looks to have some interesting events as well. The blog, of course will churn on, but it will be a bit until my next adventure. By the time you read this, I’ll be half way though my break.


8 thoughts on “Last Time (For a While)

  1. That royal blue is gorgeous on you, Kandi, and the skirt is an amazing whirl of color. Enjoy your time with your family and friends, two weeks will fly by (especially since one has already), and you will be refreshed and ready for more days and nights like this one.


  2. Love the blue, it’s one of my colors too and I love you tucked(no not that ) lol I mean the blouse. I’m never sure if I should or not so it’s perfect


    1. I tend to prefer tucking in my blouses. I feel it gives a great illusion that I actually have hips and/or some kind of shape. Plus from a practical standpoint, it keeps me all together. Thanks Rach!!


  3. Kandi,

    Is it not just wonderful being a GIRL and just doing Girl things without a care in world. . TOTALLY enjoyable and you have MASTERED that art. Still working on it here, however had a “Farm Experience” while doing a “Shoot'” yesterday. Will tell you about it soon.

    Marie Anne


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