Not Much of a Story (But As Always, Worthwhile)

I really don’t have much of a tale to spin here. The sh@tstorm continued pouring all over me, but you know what? It is what it is, I’ll deal with it.

I was invited to a volunteer recognition luncheon for Greater Cleveland Volunteers, where I have worked a handful of events. I knew this would be a short day for Kandi. I walked in, selected a seat at a fairly empty table in front of the jazz quintet and enjoyed my meal and the company of the ladies that filled in around me. There were awards and give-aways, but I skipped out after the meal to deal with my [expletive deleted] truck.

The good news, when I got home I tested my hamstring and it is healed! Six or so miles later I was very happy.

Well over a year ago I was on the treadmill and saw the same commercial over and over again. It was for some drug or medication and the woman in the commercial was wearing an orange sweater over an all-white outfit. Inspiration! I put this outfit together with what I had to work with at the time and it took that long to get it out, but I thought it was pretty cute! So here I was this day.

See you all tomorrow!! Life always challenges us and I am certainly not exempt.


6 thoughts on “Not Much of a Story (But As Always, Worthwhile)

  1. Kandi Girl

    My favorite Cheerleader. The out fit is darling, cute and am sure quite a mood lifter for a Cheerleader.

    Enjoy what we can ignore the rest of it.

    Marie Anne


  2. As always, Kandi, you put together the cutest casual outfits. I like the crops and the orange jewelry to highlight that great sweater. Even a short time for enjoyment lets you handle your s#!tstorm with a lighter mood. Keep on smiling!


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