A Simple Sunday

The day after the Prom, my wife had to work and I planned to do some yard work. Well Mother Nature had different plans as it was raining pretty steadily when I woke up and all morning. So I decided on the spur of the moment to go to what has become essentially my new church. Many from my old church have migrated to this one, so I have decided to become a semi-regular there. Given the fact that I hadn’t planned this, I needed an outfit that was forgiving. So I wore this long skirt, a cute top and what I refer to as my Stevie Nicks sweater. Having not been able to run for a week or so due to my strained hamstring, I was getting a bit paunchy, so the belt was added to keep things in line.

For some reason, I am kind of fond of this close up. I arrived at church about a half hour early, watched the place fill up, was greeted warmly by quite a few and enjoyed the service. I then chatted with a few friends from the old place, shared some prom pictures and headed back home. A short outing, but a good one. I wish my drive to church were a bit shorter, because simple and quick outings like this are so enjoyable for me. Get my Kandi fix and then get back to whatever needs to be done around the house.


6 thoughts on “A Simple Sunday

  1. It’s so nice to get out on a rainy day and be welcomed and welcoming. I like the wide belt with the longer skirt, but I don’t see any “paunch”, just a well dressed woman on her way to church.


  2. Lovey outfit Kandi, I’m glad that you have found a place to worship as Kandi. I’m not to comfortable to do that where I regularly worship yet.
    There are some welcoming churches near me so I may attend one of them maybe once a month.


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