A Prom to Remember

This was work! And stress! I screw up and the whole thing is a failure. My job was that of Transportation Coordinator and it was effectively like herding cats. Due to the nature of those most important, the teens going through their cancer treatment, but still teens, RSVPs came pouring in late, changing my limo needs along the way. But we pulled together and were able to provide everything needed. Never having done this, having a very limited history with the Prom, I was flying blind. I learned a lot along the way and am in a good position for the future to perform my role. Everyone got there and back in one piece and I was relieved and greatly proud to have done my job.

Before telling my side of the story, here is a local TV story on the event to give you some perspective on it:

You can also search “A Prom to Remember Ohio” on Facebook, I’m told, whatever that is!

This one will take a couple of posts, so bear with me. Let’s get the superfluous stuff out of the way. My outfit was a beauty! A Goodwill treasure, a black Adrianna Papell dress with lace and gold inlays. I had to consider that I would be inside and outside and on my feet for many hours. The weather cooperated, cool but very sunny and dry. I was very pleased with how I pulled everything together.

I walk into the area where we were setting up and saw one of the other women, and she quickly tells me I am wearing a pretty dress and that I look beautiful! True, no, but always a treat to hear. One of the other ladies, who was also very well dressed (many of the ladies were not yet changed as they were setting things up) tells me she was happy to see I wore a dress so she wasn’t alone. I explained that many of the other ladies had yet to change (it was her first prom), but for me the natural way I continually have these conversations always pleases me. No one is fooled, but I have found a way to just be completely accepted as I am and everyone looks past the obvious and treats me accordingly.

Before my limos started arriving, we had an opportunity to pose for a few pictures, so here I am doing my red carpet best!

We also took a group photo. My large head is dead center, back and I could not be prouder to be in this picture!

So that is the backstory, tune back again on Sunday to hear some of my personal experiences…..


6 thoughts on “A Prom to Remember

  1. Kandi, that dress is really gorgeous! You fit right in on the red carpet. So excited to read more about the Prom, the news article and video showed the attendees having such a great time.


  2. Kandi,

    You look great–Love the Dress and YOU certainly know how to bait the hook.. Cannot wait for part two on Sunday.
    Marie Anne


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