Being Appreciated

So this evening was a volunteer recognition event at The Cleveland Museum of Art. This is volunteer recognition month. I recently talked about how sometimes I feel like I am being taken for granted, not here. I am valued and always made to feel so.

I decided on this day to just go out, relax and be me. I did so in my new NY&Co beautiful polka dot dress, my homage to Yoyoi Kusama (remember, we hosted the Kusama exhibit at CMA all summer, with me smack dab in the middle of it all). [A quick off topic story, I was seated at church this past Sunday and the woman behind me struck up a brief conversation. She said she recognized me, where was it???? Oh yeah, at the Kusama exhibit! The exhibit closed on September 30, 2018 and I was not wearing polka dots at that time, yet she remembered me. Go figure……back to the story.]

I was thrilled at my look, what do we think? Just between us girls, I could not have been more physically comfortable! It was close to 70 degrees and this dress is like wearing nothing, so comfortable (and cute!). The jacket and necklace added the right finishing touches to the outfit.

I started my day dropping by the store of the wonderful woman who put on the fashion show I recently attended. Now remember, we briefly spoke at the fashion show, other than that she had no idea who I am. This day we parted with kisses!

I was there about 45 minutes and spent that time talking with her as well as providing input to the beautiful lady who was shopping for an outfit for an upcoming wedding. Me and a few other ladies offered commentary, outfit after outfit. She actually sought my advice! I was just a part of the sorority and could not have been happier, prouder. I’ll be attending a few of more upcoming fashion shows!!

Then over to the art museum where I am sort of the favorite of the wonderful human being that runs the museum’s volunteer brigade. There must have been a good hundred people at this event, highlighted by food and an OPEN bar. Let’s just say, I enjoyed myself….

Many came up to me who hadn’t seen me for some time and renewed our friendships. One woman, whom I had never seen before, told me my makeup was “stunning”. Listen, I can put clothes on, no big deal, but makeup complements mean so much since I essentially do so blindly and it does requires some skill.

The CEO of the museum spoke and I made a point of walking up afterward and telling him that the reason we were all there was because of my friend, the volunteer coordinator. And I did that in front of her. I think she appreciated it, but I did it because it was the truth. In any situation you are treated well, reward that whether it’s a big tip, a complement to the boss or an email to customer service.

Just walking around that place is special. Security guards, many who from looking at them you would think would scorn someone like me, greet me warmly and engage me in conversation. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There might not be a larger space where I feel so at home. And it is literally a world class museum!

And so another story of me sticking my neck out, being rewarded for doing so and everyone treating me like anyone else. Get out there ladies!!


8 thoughts on “Being Appreciated

  1. Kandi Girl,

    Another wonderful GIRL story Makes me both joyous and pleasantly jealous. Your interactions are absolutely wonderful and experiences to die for.

    A daily reader Marie Anne


  2. GF, you seem to have such amazing energy and you do it so gracefully.
    Your outfit is just perfect and I love it and it suits you so well.


  3. Appreciation like this is meant to be savored and remembered, and you certainly are memorable to so many people, Kandi! A cute dress, beautiful makeup, and a gorgeous smile would make any woman feel and look their best.


  4. That’s a wonderful outfit. I love polka dots too. I am so envious!

    I am also proud of you for being such a good representative of our community. You are such an inspiration.


    1. Inspiration? No, but thank you!!

      I appreciate your comments, they mean a lot! If we don’t represent, then we cannot make it any better for those that follow us. Just paying it forward, that’s all. Thank you Sami!!


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