Life Certainly Has a Way to Keep You Humble

Remember my sh@t storm last year? No reason you should, we all have problems. But guess what, here it comes again. I’ve mentioned it briefly here, but if it can go wrong, it has. Whether it’s my wretched truck (my livelihood), the [expletive deleted] IRS, major plumbing issues at home, the need for a new roof or something as simple as my pulling a hamstring, robbing me for the time being of a favorite outlet for my frustration, my running, nothing is going my way lately. I have talked here about my desire to find a meaningful job and am doing so by networking and volunteering. You know where that has gotten me? Nowhere! I made probably six good (or at least I thought) contacts recently, people that encouraged me to stay in touch. People of some prominence. I follow up and what happens? Nothing. No response, no acknowledgement of my message, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don’t expect to be showered with opportunities, but at least the courtesy of a response. Telling me to f’ off would be an acceptable response. I give and give and give some more and I am starting to believe all I get is being taken advantage of. Not always, but it certainly seems like it.

I don’t mean to moan and complain here, but I don’t want you to think the rosy picture I paint here is completely representative of my life. I am blessed beyond belief, but you’d think I could catch a break along the way every once in a while.

That all said, yesterday was A Prom to Remember (this post was written prior to the Prom) where I will get grounded, seeing people with real problems. Teens, just starting their lives and having to battle for survival against cancer. So shut the hell up, Kandi! I am sorry but I needed to get all that off my chest….. This blog is effectively my diary, so sometimes it helps to”put things on paper”, so to speak.

I took a day to escape my problems, attending two functions, one I paid for the other, you guessed it, I volunteered for. Let’s talk about my late morning, early afternoon. I bought a ticket for “Musical Fashionation” a fundraiser for The Cleveland Pops Youth Orchestra, featuring some performances by orchestra members as well as a fashion show. There was a luncheon and a Chinese auction as well. I walked in knowing no one, as usual. Men were in short supply, just a lot of ladies, most dressed to the nines. This was my outfit, a lovely peplum top, a skin tight pencil skirt with tights and heels. I think I represented myself quite nicely!

I walk in and of course, they have my male name on the name tag (despite my note to list my name otherwise). I told them “he” was the one who paid for the ticket, but “I” am the one attending. I milled around briefly, checked out the auction items and bought a glass of wine. I had no real interest in the auction, so I walk over to the tables to sit down and almost immediately start up a conversation with a wonderful woman, waiting for her friend. Long story short, here we all are about fifteen minutes after meeting them.

I spent the entire time with them. We talked, I shared about myself (people are always obviously curious) and we became good friends very quickly. I sat with them at their table and met some other ladies there as well. There had to be at least 250 women there and I fit right in! That gives me such pleasure.

The orchestra members performed, all spectacularly. We ate and then enjoyed the fashion show. For me, it was really special watching the show and having some one to comment to regarding this outfit, that dress, this purse, that accessory. I proudly held my own and just felt so at ease. Ladies, I cannot thank you enough!

After the show, I made sure I went over to the woman who put it all together and told her how much I enjoyed the show. While there were many seeking to talk to her, she seemed genuinely pleased by my comments, as she held on to my hand quite a bit. Before leaving my friends and I traded contact information and I suspect, I have two new girlfriends!

The highlight of the morning was while we were talking, getting to know each other, I was asked if I was a writer. She had no reason to ask that except I guess I talk like one. That meant more to me than any complement on my outfit!

But wait, there is more……..coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Life Certainly Has a Way to Keep You Humble

  1. Kandi, I just want to I’m proud of you. You bring such perspective to all of this life especially for those who have a gender difference.
    Like you I’ve had my rough times trying to understand why me why do I have to be this way in which it cost me more than I ever wanted, my marriage.
    Then I’m reminded how truly blessed I am in many ways, I’ve got a great job that protects my rights to be me which is presenting most days as a NB trans person and so many at my job support that.

    Thank you again for being honest about who you are and giving us all thoughts to think on.


  2. Kandi,

    Yes Life can be S…ty and it seems to pile up HOWEVER, have come to realize If we do not give in or quit A major favorable change will occur which erases much of the :bad stuff” Time to take the lesson and proceed forward with a smile on the face and joy in the heart. Have a BLOG candidate in the works that illustrates the above.

    I hope your contact with the event organizer and the WRITER Query will yield positive results and soon.

    Hug from Marie Anne Greene


  3. Keep looking on the bright side. We all have woes in life and at some point we just get past them. Keep on plodding along on those killer heels.
    I love the skirt, hose and heels.


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