Great Afternoon, But Not The Best of Evenings….

My friend Sherry had an opportunity to get out so we planned dinner and a trip to a favorite club. Sometimes life gets in the way! But allow me to spin the tale first.

I just bought these jeans, a very rare non-thrift store purchase. If I wasn’t carrying my purse, I would have completely forgotten that I was dressed. These things are so comfortable and, if I must say, highlight my best asset. A cute and casual outfit that made me happy most of the evening.

I had some errands to run, so I saved them up for this evening. I stopped at a number of stores, got what I needed and then stopped at the mall to just enjoy myself before meeting Sherry. I was feeling good and very happy!

Then it started pouring, the wind kicked up big time. The restaurant we were meeting at has a lot of construction around it. With the rain, darkness and the construction, I had a hard time finding my way. Long story short, it took me almost a half hour to get into the restaurant from the time I actually arrived at the restaurant. I got lost (thanks GPS) while looking for parking, got on the highway by accident, couldn’t exit for miles, drove through some neighborhoods I probably should have been in and then had trouble finding a place to park. Then the walk from my car was not pleasant with an inverted umbrella and wet shoes. But I got there.

I was there maybe three minutes when Sherry’s phone rang and she discovered her father-in-law was hospitalized, so she quite understandably had to leave. Sadly, he passed that evening. My condolences, my friend.

Now what? We had ordered drinks, I was starving, not yet ready to call it an evening, so I moved to the bar with the drinks, made friends with the bartender and had my dinner. A windy walk back to my car and then back home. That, as they say, is the rest of the story. Not the evening we had planned, but life does indeed have a way to throwing us curve balls.


5 thoughts on “Great Afternoon, But Not The Best of Evenings….

  1. Kandi, the jeans are fantastic, I like the sweater and your initial necklace. Sorry for your rainy travel issues, and certainly for Sherry’s FIL. But you made the best of the evening and looked great as always.


  2. My thoughts are with you and Sherry.
    The top is your color. The rain and wind may have made the choice of jeans and wedges a better selection than a dress, hose and heels.


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