Plexus Annual Meeting

So it was time for the Plexus Annual Meeting, held at the most recent version of the historic Agora Theater in Cleveland (where Springsteen, Bowie and many, many others broke out in the U.S. in the ’70’s). I’ve talked about Plexus before, a wonderful organization (for more information, check them out via the “Links” page. So, guess what my role was? You guessed it! Volunteer……

My outfit, I thought, was cute and professional. Although I know she thought little about it, as she left for work, my wife told me she thought my outfit was very cute (it was hanging in our mutual closet). Meant something….

The dress is a lovely peplum dress (although you can’t tell that here), that is about a hair too tight, so I went with the jacket. I loved how all the colors tied together, the jacket and its’ accent colors, the dress, the accessories, my shoes and purse, just a real nice look.

My role was to greet the guests as they came in and help them find their name tags and get checked in. Generally a good thing for me to do, playing to my strengths. I met so many wonderful people, saw many I had already met and was bewildered when someone knew me and I had no idea who they were….. Old age, I guess.

I made a point this time of snapping a few pictures with some I met and those that I already knew. The two gentlemen you see below are closely associated with the North Coast Men’s Chorus, world class human beings. The two young ladies are new friends of mine I hope to see again very soon!

Great people, good times, friendships, smiles, tons of complements on those shoes of mine, a good night indeed! Cheers!

Way more hugs than I deserve, but I’m not complaining!


6 thoughts on “Plexus Annual Meeting

  1. Wow, Kandi, I thought the jacket looked great in the full length picture, but then to see the color flecks in the close-up shows that it was the perfect look with the dress and shoes. And those shoes are so cute and feminine! To me, the biggest compliment was the one from your lovely wife – I think I would faint from shock if mine said anything like that to me.


    1. Thanks Tina! I mentioned my wife’s complement because she said it in passing as this is just part of our lives and because I did notice it, do understand how valuable that is and it did mean quite a bit!


  2. Nike has run with many iterations of “It’s gotta be the shoes” for about 30 years. While the entire outfit is wonderful and goes together I will try to be like Mike and say “It’s gotta be the shoes”

    PS: I hope there is enough hot sauce in Cleveland to cover OBJ. He has talent but there is some overhead.


    1. I’m already preaching to Browns fans to pump the brakes a bit. The team still does not have a winning record and the Giants didn’t exactly win anything with OBJ themselves. Almost 50 years of either putrid football or heartbreak has taught me to just wait and see.


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