Big Party!

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (moCa Cleveland) held it’s 50th anniversary party this past Saturday ( and yours truly was lucky enough to get involved. Events like this are exactly why I volunteer as often as I do. There is no way for me to make such a prominent presence at such a great event except to be a key volunteer.

I went “adorable” and memorable in this great pink dress and I was indeed noticed all night. It helped that I was the coat check girl, so on this very cold night, I pretty much interfaced with everyone there as they entered the party.

The outfit came together easily, using a pink, black and silver color pallet. I loved the rebel pink lipstick and, while difficult to see in the picture, the shoes with the bows perfectly echoed the bows on the dress. Tights pulled everything together and were very necessary for the temperatures that night!

You don’t wear a dress like this, you float in it! All night long I fielded complements, I still thrill when told by someone that they love MY dress. My dress! The complements come easily and naturally and that is what makes them so heartwarming. I am blessed beyond words.

I’ve made tremendous strides of late in the gym and the effects of all of that work made the dress even more special.

The best part of the evening were the people. Fun, some eclectic, all accepting, loving and welcoming. I was able to see a few familiar faces and make some new friends. Particularly Anna and Anita, both separately hanging with their BFFs . I was able to share quite a bit about myself with Anna, who recently lost her husband to cancer and Anita, who treated me like one of her girlfriends. From the guests, the fabulous staff and my fellow volunteers, I cannot think of a better way for this girl to spend her Saturday.

Here is Anita and yours truly!


4 thoughts on “Big Party!

  1. Kandi, that is a lovely dress, I do like the bows on the shoulders. I could tell that it wasn’t white, but it must be a pale pink as it doesn’t really show in the pictures. I’m so happy that you had such a wonderful time at the event! You are a beacon of inspiration for so many of us with your volunteer activities.


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