MIX: Pop!

Back to the art museum, the first monthly party for 2019. I finally got this outfit out of my closet and into the light of day! I had pulled this outfit together almost a year ago and just didn’t have enough opportunities in 2018, I guess, to wear it! A simple LDB and with a gorgeous blazer, easy and beautiful.

It feels great to get back out and in front of so many people. Before going to the museum, I ran a bunch of errands (dressed like this).

My first stop was to go back to one of the stores I was shopping at the other day and pick up a lovely fuchsia, cold shoulder, knee length dress I so loved! Then I stopped at the cable company and stood in line (dressed like this) to return a cable box. One nonissue after another.

Finally, I stopped at Dress Barn to buy a fabulous red dress I recently modeled, in my size. No luck……but I struck gold!

Like it? I LOVE it! While I was checking out, another customer and I started chatting and she told me how cute I looked in this dress. How sweet and just the best thing you could give me, a complement from another woman in a dress store!

After all of this it was time to get to work. I enjoyed a great dinner at the museum cafe and then had a blast all night! My “partner” for the evening (we always work in pairs) was great, her first time volunteering there. She got me, easily referred to me as “she” and was a bunch of fun. My museum work is always an ego boost, I get a great deal of complements and free drinks. This night was no exception. One drink and a bunch of hugs. The picture below is me and my new friend, Lauren. At the time of this picture, I knew Lauren for about 2 minutes! Aren’t we cute…..

Time after time, event after event, outing after outing, I never take this for granted. I am blessed beyond what I deserve.


6 thoughts on “MIX: Pop!

  1. The LBD with that print jacket works very nicely and it is a go anywhere/do anything outfit. I like the jewelry selection as well.
    I think the red print dress is a winner. It looks like if feels very feminine and comfortable


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