Plexus Holiday Party!

I’ve talked recently about my joining Plexus, Cleveland’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve attended a networking luncheon and an after work networking event, both times having a great time!  Now it was time for the Holiday Party!

When I began assembling my outfit for the occasion, I looked to identify the holiday focal point.  This past weekend, for example, my red satin blouse was the centerpiece for my Saturday afternoon outfit.  As I dug through my cave of clothing, this adorable jacket just screamed Christmas to me!  That’s it!  It is beautiful, decorative, an attention grabber, just classy and not over-the-top.  My color pallet was then decided, burgundy, gold and black.  I paired the jacket with a sparkly gold turtleneck and a favorite gold, draping necklace.  My skirt selection was purposely short and playful, given the nature of the event I would be attending.  The burgundy shoes, admittedly too high and not exactly comfortable, just had to be a big part of the overall outfit.  I originally thought about black tights, but thought the nude hose ties in better as a transition between the black skirt and burgundy shoes, pulling the gold tones in my jacket and top.  Burgundy makeup, gold accessories and a black and gold purse completed the look.  (Yes, I do probably put more thought into all of this than I should….).

The evening was quite a bit of fun!  I met so many people, just sorting of milling about and smiling.  It was in a beautiful, newly renovated ballroom overlooking a plaza downtown.  With the festive decorations inside as well as on the plaza, it made for a spectacular space.  The party had a nice selection of food and a cash bar, so after acquiring a second mortgage on the house (the party was free, the drinks made up for that) I enjoyed a few glasses of wine and continued renewing friendships and making new ones.

I took a few photos with some folks, the first with Britney, a local hairdresser and drag star!  She was quite fun to talk to and to get to know.

I also spent some time talking to Michelle, the Chamber President and such a wonderful and welcoming person.  We took quite a few pictures, those below being the best of the batch.

My evening was completed in more ways than one when I met Lauren.  What a delightful, thoughtful and wonderful person.  We talked quite a bit and share a similar sense of humor (the poor girl), so the time spent flew by pretty quickly.  We moved to the hotel bar after the party and talked with another friend for some time before heading home.  I hope to see Lauren again soon!  Just a world class human being.  Here we are just a few minutes after we met.

A wonderful evening for sure!


6 thoughts on “Plexus Holiday Party!

  1. Kandi,

    You certainly Have a knack for enjoying yourself and bringing cheer to many others. Love outfit–Short skirt included.

    Marie Anne


  2. Kandi, I love the jacket and your shoes are beautiful (even if they were a bit painful)! And your pictures at the Plexus party are such a joy to see. Everyone of your friends and fellow members of the chamber are lovely.
    I felt so stiff and stilted in my male suit at my company’s holiday party while the women were in mostly festive dresses. But I matched a lot of them by having black tights on, I just wished I was wearing heels!


  3. Congratulations on another successful event. I love the outfit and totally agree that the proper choice was the nude hose. It tied in the top and did not overpower the shoes. Tights with those shoes would have been harsh. Perhaps a sheer black or off black pantyhose could have done the trick.


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