I got a reasonable amount of sleep (I find it difficult to sleep in a hotel) and wanted to grab some of the hotel’s continental breakfast.  I put on my yoga pants and an active wear top, modest jewelry and was basically dressed with the exception of no makeup.  I shaved, but as always, I fooled no one (particularly with no makeup).  In the breakfast room, there must have been 15 people or so, most in a large group and I went about my business at ease and with no issue or comments (that I could hear).  I know people must comment when they see me and it may not be derogatory, but I am not naive enough to know that I don’t stand out but being smart, appropriate and confident has so far been my secret recipe.

My outfit for the day was this lovely lace LBD, elegant, pretty, feminine (yeah, I know it is a dress).  I felt the slip underneath the lace called for nude hose and pumps.  It’s amazing to me how versatile nude pumps are, they really round out so many outfits!  I hung out at the hotel until I had to check out and walked a few blocks to another of Cleveland’s historic churches, Trinity Cathedral.

Sunday services were very nice, but fairly uneventful.  As always, I was welcome and quite at ease.  I enjoyed the service and hit the road to grab some brunch before working the show.  My meal was great, a simple diner special with eggs, hash browns and toast.  Again, just sitting sipping coffee in this dress, lipstick on the cup…..I never take it for granted.

Before the show, I tried taking some pictures outside with little luck (the wind was not cooperative), but am pleased with this photo taken from the balcony.

Of the three shows I worked, this one was the most fun.  I saw quite a few friends, a few from my old church, so it was good to let these cherished people know how much I love and miss them.  I also got a chance to take a few pictures with some of these friends.

This wonderful doll is my new friend Kyla.  We’ve actually known each other the previous few Christmas concerts, but this time we spent some time getting to know each other.  What a sweet and wonderful woman!  The cool thing for me is we talked like women, I felt a part of the sorority and that, for me, means the world!  We’re going to get together for a little girl’s night (or afternoon) out.

The next picture are the ladies of the North Coast Men’s Chorus, Amber, Carrie and yours truly, the giant figure in the middle.  How lucky am I?

I was lucky to be able to be dressed from about 9:00 on Saturday morning until about 6:00 Sunday evening.  No male attire whatsoever was available to me.  I have to be honest, long runs like this for me are bittersweet.  Three darling outfits, many, many hugs and complements.  Sweet!  I got myself in front of so many people in the hotel, theater, restaurants, church, on the street, wherever I went.  Sweet!  But when I am away from home for any length of time, I feel disconnected from my life, I miss my wife.  Bitter.  Plus when I am on the road like this, I am completely unable to relax, just to take it easy.  I move from one activity to another, not very good at just sitting, being.  Bitter.

I completely understand how truly blessed I am.  Blessed but not at all lucky.  I put myself out there, I think it through, I am fearless about trying new things in a sensible way.  This is available to all you ladies that think it through and just ask.  Find accepting situations and enjoy being you, being the woman you want to be.  

The upcoming week will be filled with many activities with the Plexus (LGBT Chamber of Commerce) Holiday party, two art museum events and the following week is a big event held at First Energy Stadium for The Providence House.  I remain truly blessed, although somewhat tired from everything, but my annual two week shutdown is coming soon to allow me to recharge my batteries and figure out what 2019 will hold for me and my alter ego.


11 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I just want to say thank you for your blog. It helps me see how accepting people can be. I recently told my counselor about your blog and she Hope’s it will help me be more open to adventures, more than I am now. Thanks again.



    1. Wow….not sure what to say (surprise, right?). That is the very exact reason that I do this. I am really a mind-my-own business person and a blog is the exact opposite of who I am, but I think it is important to show what is possible. These words mean a lot to me, comments like this keep me going! Thank you Paula.


  2. Kandi GirL,

    Like the way you enjoy being a Girl, WONDERFUL although occasionally you may be OVERTHINKING the “bitter” factor. Perhaps learn to relax a bit more.

    Each of us must learn to enjoy our gifts.

    Marie Anne.


    1. Marie, I always appreciate your kindness, but unfortunately life is full of ups and downs, no way to ignore that. I try to be as honest as possible here. When I am not with my wife, I miss her, regardless of what I may be doing otherwise. Thanks so much for your support.


  3. Sounds like a great weekend and this black lace dress was outstanding. You looked wonderful. Good pairing it with the nude hose and heels.


  4. So enjoyed visiting with you again this year at the concert – as ever, you looked fabulous and radiated joy. It feels so good to feel beautiful!


  5. I love the lace dress, I might have worn sheer black hose and black heels with it but you look fabulous. When I’ve been dressed for multiple days, I do miss my wife but I am not going to let it detract from the fun I have. It looks like my next chance will be at the end of January. I’m ready to get out again!


    1. Looking forward to hearing about it! Listen, I get out a LOT, it’s just become another day for me. A very fun day, but another day nonetheless. This is now part of my life and I am lucky that it is. Just wait until my post tomorrow…..


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