A Little Chamber Music

I volunteered for a chamber music concert in one of the numerous galleries at The Cleveland Museum of Art.  It was a performance by some students from Case Western Reserve University.  I was asked to wear black and white and went with a cute pair of capris and this lovely top.  Plus for the first time as Kandi, I COULD SEE!  Generally I wear contacts, which almost always leave me uncomfortable at some point in time and don’t allow me to read easily.  The glasses you have seen me wear before are distance only.  These babies are real glasses (I need bifocals, soon a white cane and a dog)!  I could see!  I was comfortable!


I had a pretty good day, got some things accomplished, had a wind blown run on a cool and sunny day, did Kandi’s laundry and took my time getting dressed.  Then I headed to a favorite happy hour at Brio.  For ten dollars I had a glass of wine, a shrimp appetizer and some great bread.  I also had a wonderful conversation with John, the bartender.  Probably in his 30’s we talked about how we all need to support each other as people (he brought it up, not me) and I was very impressed by the young man.  Tipped him $20 and told him I admired his attitude.

Then over to the art museum for a night I was again simply happy, smiling.  I talked quite a bit to my friend, one of the security guards there.  Two different people knew me from somewhere (as usual, I had no idea who they were), chatted me up.  One young lady who knew me gave me my hug for the evening.  I was chatting with her while a wonderful woman waited patiently to tell me she loved my top.  How cool and how very nice as she had no reason for doing so other than to be nice (and to acknowledge my cute top!).  Since I had early plans the next day, I cut the evening short, wanting to stop somewhere.

So here is a picture taken by my friend, the security guard.

Two works of art……and me!



4 thoughts on “A Little Chamber Music

  1. So it seems that “John at the bar is a friend of yours and gets you your drinks for almost free” Glad to see the nice tip. Next thing you know is you will be playing piano in a bar.
    BTW that is a great top. I think it would be great with a pencil skirt.


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