A GREAT MARIE DAY (Red Dress Twirl)

By Marie Anne Greene

Marie’s day began with a horrendous sound of thunder immediately overhead the cottage, or it seemed so followed by a twenty minute down pour.  With nowhere to go and nothing she could do, Marie continued to laid bed with the covers up to her neck. Dressed for what had been a peaceful and wonderful night’s rest in a lacey black knee-length slip which encased a matching black bikini panty and bra set with a very colorful eye-catching floral design on both our girl just waited out this demonstration of nature.  She felt altogether and a delightfully feminine vision.  After the rain abated, Marie rolled to her left and fully awoke to the bright sun coming in the window and the sounds of a light rain mixed with the alternating morning chorus of chirps from the birds in the surrounding trees.  Next came the her stretching exercises including leg lifts and trousseau twists.  No rush. There was no special or specific task to be accomplished.  A day without external demands or appointments or commitments – a rarity.  A potentially perfect Marie day.

Grabbed a short White wrap-around dressing gown and headed for the bathroom.  While performing the perfunctory morning essentials, mentally assembled a list of domestic chores. Bathing Puppy Dog, was number one on the list, followed by stripping the bed clothes, wash and dry them, vacuum the bedroom, and remake the bed comforter and pillows.  All of this was accomplished while wearing two inch open toed wedgies and intermittently sipping a cup of tea and checking the business and family E-Mail, then switching to several favorite Blog sites including Femulate, Sister House and Kandi Land. Need I remind you dear reader, all of this was done while wearing the soft. silky sleepwear and the short white wrap around dressing gown and flitting around to the background clip-clop of the Wedgies.

The next chore, and always a major challenge was packing for a Girls-Getaway weekend.  Packing in order of ease included Puppy Dog’s bag, food, vitamins, treats, sleeping bed and folding cage. Then two sets of clothes for Bruce.  This was fairly straight forward and were assembled and laid on the bed. Then the real work began. Selecting Marie’s wardrobe, casual, worm and cool weather, bathing suits and coveralls.  Needed at least four outfits.  Had one casual beach party to attend, a Saturday evening diner and concert and finally a Sunday Morning Brunch.  This spectrum required trying on no less than seven outfits, before settling on four plus a spare and a driving outfit.  I won’t go into how many shoes and scarfs were involved in this effort much less matching lingerie.  It was frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. A real girl experience.  By the time the near two-hour selection process was over the bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom looked like a tornado had swept through.  Something you would see in a movie of a Girls Dorm or Sorority house.  Felt wonderful and perfectly natural.

Just as finishing the reconstruction job, the phone rang it was the Dress Maker, informing me the Red Dress (almost a bridesmaid style) we had fitted last week was ready to be picked up.  Told her give me 45 minutes and I would pick it up.  Into high gear.  Jumped into jeans, sneakers and a zipper fronted light grey warmup jacket. I had asked for 45 because I wanted to stop by my new nail lady and compliment her on the fantastic job she did on my nails about ten days ago.  One nail in particular had consistently broken and fragment just as it was reaching a decent length.  When she was giving me the manicure she noticed it and took special care with it.  It was now at least five days beyond its normal fragment time and was ecstatic.  This was the first time all ten nails were long and shaped enough that could forego the use of glue on ones.  When I showed her the magnificence of her workmanship (oops workwomanship) and gave her a hug she was almost speechless. This from the chatter box of last week when she was doing your nails.

Finished that little detour, headed straight away to the Dressmaker, reaching her shop exactly on time.  Here again another magician in a skirt.  Slipped the RED Dress on and twirled.  This dress was made to twirl and be accented by gold and pearls – neither of which I had brought with me.  Compliments and hugs were exchanged and as I was leaving noticed a framed scroll on the wall one only sees when leaving.  Thought it was a wonderful reminder to all us Girls and complimented Coco Chanel’s saying of a few days back.  This anonymous directive admonished us to

“Believe in the Beauty of your Dream”.

Thought this was worth remembering and circulating.  Back to the cottage and celebrated the day with a luxurious tub and scrub and a full scale try on and multiple twirls in the Red Dress.


3 thoughts on “A GREAT MARIE DAY (Red Dress Twirl)

  1. I get it…I totally get it. I suppose it takes one to know one. The pleasure of sleeping en femme and then dressing to do what would otherwise be mundane chores around the house. It is a subtle but sublime pleasure that folks like us actually savor.
    That red dress is beautiful. Wear it well…wear it in good health…wear it often.


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