Nothing Fancy

After a very difficult week, dealing with significant business expenses and possible compensation reductions (life has a way of balancing your life out, good and bad), I was happy to just have an afternoon out to simply do some household errands.  I have no real story here.  I shopped at Aldi and then Walmart, picking up a few much needed beauty items and doing the weekly grocery shopping.  I kept it basic, the every day, any day, woman.

I enjoyed my time out until I got home.  I live at the end of a cul de sac.  Since it was so early in the afternoon when I returned home, I did so in full Kandi mode (I often remove my wig, wipe off much of my makeup and drive down the street in a ball cap and sunglasses during daylight hours).  The street was quiet all the way down until…..  Damned if I didn’t get to the very end of the street, on the cul de sac itself, when my neighbor pulled down the driveway, seemingly out of nowhere.  I had no options, I drove in behind him around the cul de sac and turned into my driveway.  He pulled away and then stopped for seeming minutes (it was probably 30 seconds), looking back to see who I was.  He certainly knows my car and may or may not have been wondering who was at the wheel.

If my life only consisted of me, I could care less.  I would just live my life anyway I wish and let people think what they want to think.  But I am married.  My wife is unbelievably supportive, but I NEVER want to embarrass her, to put her in any position to answer any questions about me.  I love her dearly for these and hundreds of other reasons.  The truth of the matter is, my neighbor may forget the whole thing as we only cross paths every few months or so.  But he clearly stopped, almost certainly wondering who was that in the car.  Now it will just bug me for quite some time.  Just what I needed, one more thing to obsess about.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Fancy

  1. Kandi,


    Had a similar incident last week. Marie let puppy dog out at ten PM< and watches from back porch. He usually wandered in a small grass area between my and the next house and back to me. This night the neighbor had a visitor with a dog during the day and had left in the afternoon. My dog apparently detected the smell and followed it up the neighbors porch steps. Marie had to make a quick and quiet dash to recover dog. one of us hit a rocking chair causing some noise. Had managed to scoop up dog and get off the porch when neighbor's door opened. Was just going around corner and not sure if Marie was seen. Neighbor is old and has very poor eyesight but I worried about it for a few days. Nothing came of it ..although now keep dog on lease if take out as Marie.

    Marie Anne


  2. Hey, that was close. But I agree with Marie, it will pass. Most of the time people don’t take it that seriously. I have been deer in headlights situation myself were the neighbor knew exactly who I was. But he never mentioned it to me at least.


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