A New Friend

So this wonderful local lady reached out to me on my Flickr page to introduce herself.  She has me by a few years and is transgendered.  I’ll respect her privacy and refer to her here as “D.D.”  On the day I am writing this post, we had an extensive, supremely informative and comfortable, phone conversation.  Many things I think I though were confirmed, many things I didn’t know, I now do.  Time well spent.

She made a point to me that I knew, but she drove it home as it relates to all of “this”.  The internet.  It has brought about a sense of community, a knowledge that we are not alone.  My little blog, with its’ three readers, is on that world wide web thing.  While there is quite a bit about the internet I detest, I do love how it has helped our community.  We are a community, please don’t ever forget that.  If we don’t lean on each other, don’t help one another, how do we move forward?

D.D. is a doll!  She described a lifetime of struggle, questioning, not knowing, finding out, understanding, learning, seeking help, making adjustments, getting comfortable and now being in a good place.  Loving who she is.  On that grand spectrum, we are on different points, but we both understand who we are, what we have and how lucky in many respects, we truly are.  She is a light coat of makeup and out the door.  Me and the time sponge, requiring a sand blaster, spackle and a paint roller to get in decent shape, takes way too much time.  She goes out.  I create a whole event.

D.D., here’s to you my friend!  Keep being wonderful (yes, I borrowed that).


2 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. DD sounds like a special wonderful person and you are correct. It is important that we know that we are not alone. As a younger person we all had to wonder why we felt the way we felt and why we had the interests that we had. It is affirming to know that others have gone done that same path.
    I hope you are able to relay to us more of what roads DD has traveled.


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